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When Crimes Involve Weapons, The Consequences Are Greater Than Usual

The New Jersey criminal code takes firearms charges and other weapons very seriously. Not only does a weapon typically mean more danger for those involved, but it can also lead to heightened dangers during arrest, the subsequent infringements on your rights throughout the investigation and serious felony-level allegations.

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What Constitutes A Weapons Charge?

In New Jersey, weapons charges include a wide range of crimes. The severity of the allegations will depend on numerous factors, like if you have a prior conviction, the type of weapon involved and the context. Some common allegations include:

  • Possession of a weapon other than a firearm, such as a taser, a knife or another bladed weapon
  • Illicit possession of a firearm, including a handgun, rifle or automated weapon
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • The presence of a weapon as an aggravating factor in another crime

The consequences of a conviction in these cases can mean years in prison even for a first-time offense. Your best course of action is to work with an experienced criminal defense law firm that can answer your questions.

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