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New Jersey Firearms Appeals Lawyers

New Jersey Firearms Appeals LawyersNew Jersey Firearms Appeals Lawyers

Knowledgeable Gun Permit Appeals Attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ, Help Clients Get Firearms Application Denials Reversed

A gun permit denial can keep you from legally owning a firearm in New Jersey. Whether you have had your initial application denied or an existing firearms license revoked, you may have the grounds to appeal this decision.

The experienced gun permit applications and appeals attorneys at Agre & St. John can navigate the process of appealing a wrongful denial for you. Contact us today for help filing an appeal.

Firearms Appeals in Haddonfield, NJ

New Jersey’s strict gun laws sometimes wrongfully keep residents of Haddonfield and the surrounding areas from legally owning firearms. It’s frustrating to be denied the opportunity to own or purchase a gun in NJ.

Gun ownership is a serious responsibility, but the consequences of being denied a firearms permit are serious, too. Being denied a permit may prevent you from engaging in otherwise perfectly legal activities like hunting and target shooting. This denial also prohibits you from having a gun available for purposes of self-defense if necessary, which can affect your peace of mind and whether you feel safe.

Our New Jersey gun permit attorneys know there are many reasons you may want to appeal a firearms permit denial. We’re here to help residents in Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County, and Salem County appeal wrongful gun permit denials.

Don't face criminal charges alone – contact Agre & St. John today for experienced legal representation that will fight to protect your rights.

Gun Permits in New Jersey

New Jersey regulates firearms ownership through a permitting process. Depending on the type of firearm you intend to own, you may need to apply for a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, a Handgun Purchase Permit, or both.

Generally, applicants need to fill out the state’s Firearms Application with an Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) Number from their local police department or State Police barracks. Along with the form, applicants must submit a completed Consent for Mental Health Records Search form, references, a passport photo, and their fingerprints. They must also complete a course of instruction in lawful and safe handling and storage of firearms.

In their applications, prospective NJ gun owners are asked to provide a great deal of personal and sensitive information. This information can be used to deny the application for a firearms permit, sometimes wrongfully.

Reasons for Gun Purchase Permit Denial in New Jersey

Wrongful gun permit denials that can affect your life happen for various reasons. Of course, the purpose of having a permitting process in place is to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Unfortunately, applicants are sometimes denied the gun permit they’re seeking even when there are reasons to believe they would be safe and responsible gun owners.

Some of the most common reasons for disapproval of a gun permit application in New Jersey include the following:

  • Criminal record: Having a history of illegal activity (whether or not the crime involved a weapon) or domestic violence (including charges or restraining orders filed against you) may result in having your gun permit application denied.
  • Public health, safety, and welfare issues: This frustratingly vague reason for a gun permit denial may encompass anything from prior conviction of a disorderly persons offense or a history of domestic violence disputes that didn’t lead to convictions or restraining orders to a determination that the applicant is “lacking the essential character of temperament” for safely possessing a firearm.
  • Medical, mental, or alcoholic background: Application denials may result from both physical health conditions that could affect your ability to safely handle a gun and mental health concerns, including not only your current state of mental health but also any history of mental illness and any past instances of being confined or committed to a mental hospital.
  • Narcotics/dangerous drug offenses: Drug dependence or a history of drug-related criminal offenses may prevent you from having your firearms permit application approved.
  • Involvement: Any past or present involvement with an organization that advocates for overthrowing the government or committing acts of violence may stand in the way of getting a gun permit in New Jersey.
  • Application problems: Knowingly falsifying information, failing to submit all required forms, putting the wrong Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) Number on your application, or otherwise failing to ensure the information you provide is accurate and complete could result in a permit denial.
  • Age: Gun permit applications by underage applicants are routinely denied. For a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, applicants must be 18, but for a Handgun Purchase Permit, the minimum age is 21.

Gun permit denials may be a setback, but they don’t have to be the end of your efforts to legally possess a firearm. These decisions may be appealed.

Working with experienced New Jersey firearms appeals lawyers to appeal the permit denial requires the state to look more closely at the unique facts of your situation. Our gun application appeal lawyers can help you understand what caused your permit to be denied and what facts or strategies may help you succeed in an appeal.

Take control of your defense – schedule a confidential consultation with Agre & St. John's experienced criminal defense team to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

How Do I Appeal a Gun Permit Denial in NJ?

Appealing a denial for a gun permit in New Jersey is a complex legal proceeding. Here are the steps you should take to file an appeal.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Application Is Actually Denied

Although the chief of police or the Superintendent has only 30 days under state law to approve or deny an application for a gun permit, applicants may wait much longer to learn the outcome of their application. If your claim is denied, you should receive written notice of the denial. Applicants who are still waiting after 30 days should contact the police department or State Police barracks through which they filed the application to request updates.

If you have been notified in writing that your permit application has been denied, then you can move forward with the appeals process.

Step 2: Consult Our New Jersey Firearms Appeals Lawyers

Although state law allows prospective gun owners to appeal firearms permit denials, it also establishes limitations on how long you have to file an appeal. Because appeals must be filed within 30 days of the application denial, you should speak to gun permit appeals attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ, as soon as possible.

Step 3: Prepare for the Appeal Hearing

Appealing the denial of a gun permit application in New Jersey requires a hearing in Superior Court. Your New Jersey firearms appeals lawyers will prepare for this legal proceeding by reviewing the discovery packet that includes all documentation associated with your gun permit application and denial. Thoroughly examining this packet allows your attorney to develop arguments and seek out the evidence and testimony that will support your appeal. Due to tight time limitations on when the hearing will be scheduled, this work must be done quickly.

Your lawyer will guide you through what to expect in a gun permit appeal hearing and your role in the process. Throughout the legal proceedings and preparation for them, your attorney will represent your interests.

Contact New Jersey Firearms Appeals Lawyers at Agre & St. John Today for a Free Consultation

Gun permit applications in New Jersey are common and frustrating. A lawyer can navigate the appeal process for you.

For help from a gun permit appeals attorney in Haddonfield, NJ, contact Agre & St. John online or call 856-454-8674 today.

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