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New Jersey Federal Drug Crimes Lawyers

New Jersey Federal Drug Crimes LawyersNew Jersey Federal Drug Crimes Lawyers

Diligent Federal Drug Charges Defense Attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ, Serve Clients Charged With All Types of Federal Drug Offenses

Drug crimes are serious offenses, and even more so if you’re facing federal charges. When facing federal charges for drug crimes, you need to know what you’re up against. Federal prosecutors have more resources than those at the state level, and federal drug sentencing guidelines allow for harsh penalties that could keep you locked away for a long time.

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What Makes a Drug Crime a Federal Offense?

Are drug crimes federal or state offenses? Under state and federal drug laws in the U.S., any drug charges you’re facing at the state level could become a federal case. You could face much more severe penalties from federal charges than from state charges in NJ.

A drug charge at the state level may wind up in federal court if federal prosecutors get involved for any reason. The federal government may show an interest in your case if, for example, the criminal activity involved large quantities of drugs, transporting drugs across state lines, or other criminal offenses in addition to the drug charges.

Once you’ve become the subject of a federal drug investigation or been formally charged with a federal offense, what’s most important is taking steps to mitigate the consequences. That means finding a criminal defense lawyer you can trust to represent and advocate for you throughout the legal proceedings ahead.

The Difference Between State and Federal Drug Charges

Learning that you’re under federal investigation for drug crimes or have been charged at the federal level is bad news. Drug crimes are serious legal matters, but facing federal charges raises the stakes.

Federal cases are prosecuted in federal courts rather than state courts. They follow a different legal process, with phases such as a lengthy grand jury indictment. Federal prosecutors have more resources to investigate crimes and go after offenders than state prosecutors do.

Most importantly, federal drug crimes typically carry heavier penalties than state charges. That’s particularly true in Haddonfield and elsewhere in New Jersey.

New Jersey law gives first offenders, especially those charged with less serious offenses, multiple opportunities to escape jail time for drug charges. Depending on the circumstances, first-time offenders facing state charges in NJ may have the chance to enter a treatment program or be sentenced to probation instead of going to jail.

The federal sentencing guidelines for drug charges don’t allow for such leniency.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Drug Crimes

When you’re charged with drug crimes at the federal level, you’re subject to mandatory minimum sentences that could have you stuck in jail for years.

For example, if the quantity of the drug involved in the crime of manufacturing or distributing a controlled substance exceeds a certain threshold (which varies by substance), it triggers mandatory minimum penalties.

The U.S. Sentencing Commission reported mandatory minimum penalties of five years for these offenses in 2023. If the offense involved even larger quantities of drugs, the accused could be facing a minimum of ten years in prison.

More serious drug crimes, such as those that involve a death or bodily injury, subject offenders to minimum jail time sentences of 15 years, 20 years, or even life imprisonment.

If you’ve been charged with a federal drug crime, the stakes are high. You need to take every step to avoid federal drug convictions, if at all possible, or to otherwise face the minimal penalties for the offense. Our New Jersey federal drug crimes lawyers can fight for the most positive outcome for you.

When facing federal charges, trust Agre & St. John's experienced attorneys to mount a vigorous defense and protect your rights in complex federal criminal cases. Call 856-454-8674 or complete our online contact form for a confidential consultation.

Types of Federal Drug Crimes

Examples of the charges our New Jersey federal drug crimes lawyers defend clients against include the following.

Simple Possession Charges

Even first-time offenders may be sentenced to up to a year of jail time for simple possession of drugs under drug laws in the United States (21 U.S. Code § 844).

Most commonly, simple possession charges that become federal cases involve one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Large quantities of drugs
  • Possession of prescription-only controlled substances without a valid prescription
  • Possession while on federal property, such as an airport

Drug Paraphernalia Charges

If convicted of federal drug paraphernalia charges, you could spend up to three years in jail under 21 U.S. Code § 863.

This charge refers to selling, shipping, importing, or exporting equipment and materials intended for drug manufacturing, processing, preparation, or use.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Penalties for drug trafficking, which may include manufacturing, selling, or distributing drugs or possessing drugs in large quantities, are particularly severe. Even first-time offenders may face minimum sentences of five to ten years of jail time for federal charges, depending on the type and quantity of drugs involved.

Don't face federal charges alone – schedule a confidential consultation with Agre & St. John's skilled defense team to understand your options and build a robust defense strategy.

Facing Federal Drug Crimes Charges in Haddonfield, NJ

If you’ve been charged with a federal drug crime in Haddonfield or elsewhere in South Jersey, the best step you can take right now is to consult an experienced criminal law defense attorney.

You don’t have to look far to find a lawyer who can help you understand your legal rights and develop a defense strategy custom-tailored to your unique case. The federal drug charges defense lawyers at Agre & St. John fight for clients throughout Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County, and Salem County.

How Can New Jersey Federal Drug Crimes Lawyers Help?

Our NJ criminal defense lawyers can represent you in both state and federal legal proceedings that arise out of the drug charges you’re facing. Among the services we provide to our clients include:

  • Investigating your case with your interests in mind to pinpoint any weaknesses in the case against you and uncover any evidence or information in your favor
  • Reviewing the prosecution’s evidence against you and challenging any evidence obtained through questionable methods or testimony from unreliable witnesses
  • Developing a strong legal defense strategy based on the unique facts of your situation to bring about the most favorable outcome possible in the circumstances
  • Educating and advocating for you throughout the legal process to preserve your rights
  • Representing you in federal criminal trials and pre-trial negotiations

Contact the New Jersey Federal Drug Crimes Lawyers at Agre & St. John Today for a Free Consultation

A strong defense offers the best chance of a positive outcome when facing federal drug charges. For help defending against federal drug charges in Haddonfield, NJ, contact Agre & St. John online or call 856-454-8674 today.

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