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New Jersey Expungement Attorneys

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If you have a criminal record, seeking an expungement can provide you with a second chance so that it will be as if whatever was on your record never even occurred. In other words, being awarded an order of expungement allows you to legally say that you were never arrested or had a criminal conviction when answering questions on, for example, applications for jobs, loans, gun permits, scholarships, and more. Our knowledgeable New Jersey expungement attorneys have years of experience handling expungement cases for crimes of all kinds, so speak in confidence with our reliable expungement lawyers in Haddonfield, NJ today to initiate the expungement process.

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As per NJ Rev Stat § 2C:52-1 (2014), being granted an order of expungement means that any criminal records against your name will be removed from public access. This means that such records will not show up in background checks conducted by anyone unless you apply for certain jobs in law enforcement, corrections, or the judicial branch of New Jersey.

If you were ever arrested or charged with a crime, anyone can technically view your public records. In most cases, arrests for alleged crimes, any subsequent court proceedings, as well as details on convictions, fines, and other sentences are all public records that can be inspected by almost anyone even if those charges were later dropped or you were acquitted. In today’s digital age, prospective employers, higher education institutions, banks, other businesses, and even private individuals can easily conduct a criminal background check and review someone else’s records. This means that having a criminal record can prevent you from obtaining:

  • Employment, even though New Jersey’s Opportunity to Compete Act restricts reviews and inquiries into prospective job applicants’ criminal records
  • A firearm permit
  • Various types of student loans
  • School scholarships
  • Subsidized housing
  • Loans and access to credit
  • Other social services

There are tens of thousands of people in New Jersey with a criminal record, but anyone can potentially benefit from an expungement with the assistance of our skilled and dedicated New Jersey expungement attorneys. All it takes to get the process started is to speak with our expungement lawyers in Haddonfield, NJ for a review of your case.

Expungement Lawyers in Haddonfield, NJ Can Help Clean Your Slate of All Criminal Arrests and Convictions in New Jersey

With an expungement of your criminal record in New Jersey, you can effectively eliminate all records of your name concerning offenses within the criminal justice system. This includes records that are maintained and kept on file with:

  • The courts
  • Detention and/or correctional facilities
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Criminal justice agencies

Expungements cover all arrests, warrants, complaints, processing records, fingerprints, rap sheets, and judicial docket records on file against your name. If granted, an order for expungement will mean that any apprehensions, arrests, detentions, trials, or dispositions for offenses within the adult or juvenile criminal justice system in New Jersey will be as if they never happened and all of these records will be isolated from public access.

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How to Qualify for an Order of Expungement with Dedicated Expungement Lawyers in Haddonfield, NJ

Expungement is a great way to get a second chance at life, but the process can be complicated. First, you must qualify for an expungement, and you must also formally request a judge to issue the order of expungement for you. In New Jersey, you can submit a petition for expungement of your criminal records after a certain amount of time and only if you have completed all relevant sentences, which means all fines that were levied must have been paid, you must have been released from incarceration and/or satisfactorily completed probation or parole, and completed any other sentences, as applicable.

Keep in mind, however, that you cannot have your records expunged if you were convicted of more than one indictable offense or you were found guilty of a disorderly person/petty disorderly person ordinance more than twice.

Furthermore, records maintained by the courts and other criminal justice agencies and law enforcement departments on certain serious crimes are not eligible for expungement. These include committing, attempting to commit, assisting with, or concealing crimes such as:

  • Murder
  • Arson
  • Treason
  • Manslaughter
  • Terrorism
  • Robbery
  • Perjury
  • Anarchy
  • Child pornography
  • Kidnapping
  • Various drug crimes
  • Many categories of sex crimes
  • Endangering the welfare of a child
  • Many crimes related to chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or devices

Also, records on motor vehicle offenses – which include DWI convictions – cannot be expunged, and neither can crimes pertaining to services performed in elective or appointed public office.

Contact Our Expungement Lawyers in Haddonfield, NJ if You Are Ready to Move On and Expunge Your New Jersey Criminal Records

Determining whether you qualify for an expungement can be complicated. However, there is no reason to let a mistake long in the past or an unfortunate arrest for a crime that you did not commit continue to affect your life. Speak with our New Jersey expungement attorneys today to learn more about whether you qualify for an expungement and what to do to move forward with clearing your name and record.

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