New Jersey Juvenile Crime Attorneys

New Jersey Juvenile Crime Attorneys

Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers in Haddonfield, NJ

If you ever receive a call that your child has been arrested for a juvenile criminal offense, you will understandably be worried, exasperated, and maybe even overwhelmed. However, you must act quickly to protect your child’s rights and work to secure their freedom – and their future. The best way to do so is to speak with an experienced New Jersey juvenile crime attorney. The highly proficient and skilled juvenile criminal defense lawyers in Haddonfield, NJ at Agre & St. John have years of experience handling all kinds of juvenile crime cases, and we have deep and relevant knowledge of New Jersey’s juvenile justice laws. Contact us immediately for assistance with your child’s juvenile crimes case.

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Juvenile Offenses Handled by Our Highly-Rated New Jersey Juvenile Crime Attorneys

First things first: If your child was charged with a juvenile offense, immediately seek the help of an experienced attorney. Your child should not be allowed to answer any questions or be interviewed by the police or investigators until you have an attorney from our team present with you. Juveniles facing charges must be represented by a lawyer, and this applies to Family Court, where juvenile cases are first heard. A public defender will be appointed for children when their parents and/or guardians cannot hire an attorney to represent them.

With that in mind, we handle all kinds of juvenile crimes and can help you and your child overcome the charges they face, including charges relating to crimes such as:

  • Shoplifting
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Auto theft
  • Underage drinking
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug and weapons crimes
  • Assault and threat crimes
  • Online crimes
  • Traffic offenses
  • Disorderly conduct charges

The first thing to understand about juvenile crime cases is that the State of New Jersey is there to help rather than just punish your child. These cases begin in Family Court and are for alleged offenders under the age of 18, although certain serious crimes such as armed robbery can be moved to adult criminal court if such a move is warranted.

Our goal as your New Jersey juvenile crime attorneys is to:

  • Preserve the family as far as the care, development, and protection of your child is concerned;
  • Have children who committed underage criminal behavior moved to a program that will provide them with the supervision, care, and rehabilitation they need;
  • Secure the care, guidance, and control they need, ideally in their own home;
  • Foster the protection of the community, accountability for any criminal acts, and the development of your child as a productive and responsible citizen within the requirements set forth by the court.

In many cases, punishment of probation supervision is handed down, which comes with performing community service or paying financial restitution to the victim of the crime in question. However, your child can potentially be charged as an adult if the child is between the ages of 15 and 17 and the crime in question is serious enough. Children under the age of 14 cannot be tried as adults, irrespective of the offenses committed.

An otherwise juvenile crime can be upped to adult charges for crimes such as:

  • Criminal homicide, excluding death by automobile
  • Certain drug-induced death cases
  • 1st-degree robbery
  • GTA
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Aggravated arson
  • Certain firearm crimes
  • Certain drug crimes

If convicted, your child can face lifelong difficulties, jail time, fines, and all manner of life disruptions. Leave nothing to chance and let our New Jersey juvenile crime attorneys help you. With extensive experience protecting children and their families and helping them overcome the juvenile charges they face, our juvenile criminal defense lawyers in Haddonfield, NJ will manage your child’s juvenile criminal case and will help you understand what you need to do to secure a favorable outcome.

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Defending Against Juvenile Offense in New Jersey

There are many ways that we can defend your child against the juvenile crimes they are charged with. Below is a list of common yet effective defenses we can use to dismiss or lower the charges and potential sentences your child faces or at least cast into serious doubt the validity of the evidence and the overall case of the prosecution.

That your child was illegally arrested or was not read their Miranda rights and the right against self-incrimination, or that other rights as outlined in NJ Rev Stat § 2A:4A-40 (2013) on the rights of juveniles were breached

  • That your child was illegally searched, including the illegal stopping of a motor vehicle
  • That your child is the victim of mistaken identity or was falsely incriminated as a result of a faulty suspect lineup
  • That profiling of some sort (racial, ethnic, socio-economic, or based on gender, sexual orientation, age, or other biases) played a role in their arrest
  • That there is a lack of credible eyewitnesses
  • That testimony provided in the case is faulty or fabricated that faulty forensic testing discredits the prosecution’s claims

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