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Federal Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

Federal Embezzlement Defense AttorneysFederal Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

New Jersey Embezzlement Lawyers Defend the Reputation and Freedom of Clients Accused of Embezzling Funds in Federal Court

Have you been arrested and charged with embezzlement under federal law? The federal government usually prosecutes embezzlement cases involving substantial sums of money or where a financial institution was victimized. Federal investigators and prosecutors have seemingly limitless resources to pursue embezzlement cases. If you’re facing federal embezzlement charges, you deserve experienced legal representation to level the playing field for you. Turn to the federal embezzlement defense attorneys of Agre & St. John to help you face your charges and stand up for your rights.

With seven decades of combined experience in criminal law, our legal team has gained unique insight and knowledge of how criminal cases are prepared, having worked as both defense attorneys and prosecutors. Today, we use our experience to prepare tailored case strategies aimed at securing great results for our clients. Because our attorneys have tried hundreds of cases to verdict, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial when you choose to contest your charges. Our dedication to success has earned us a well-respected reputation among our clients and legal peers. We leave no stone unturned in pursuing the best possible resolution to your charges.

If you’ve been accused of embezzlement, you need reputable legal advocacy as soon as possible to protect your rights and reputation. Contact Agre & St. John for a free initial case review to discuss your charges with our New Jersey embezzlement lawyers.

When facing federal charges, trust Agre & St. John's experienced attorneys to mount a vigorous defense and protect your rights in complex federal criminal cases. Call 856-454-8674 or complete our online contact form for a confidential consultation.

Federal Embezzlement Laws

The crime of embezzlement involves stealing or converting money or property belonging to another party that was entrusted to your care or custody. The federal criminal embezzlement statutes are found in Chapter 31 of Title 18 of the United States Code. Federal embezzlement laws make it illegal to steal, purloin, or convert any money, property, or other thing of value belonging to the federal government, or any property being made under a federal contract. It is also illegal to receive any property of the federal government knowing that it has been embezzled. Federal law also makes it illegal to embezzle from financial institutions or employee benefit plans, to steal from any common carrier, or to fraudulently obtain federal program funds, museum pieces, medical benefits, or pre-sale medical products.

While embezzlement offenses are normally prosecuted in state court, federal prosecutors may take up an embezzlement case that involves large amounts of money or other property with significant value. Embezzlement crimes may also be prosecuted in federal court if it involves the mail system, the internet, or crossing state lines or national borders.

Penalties for a federal embezzlement conviction will depend on the value of the money or property that was stolen. The greater the value, the longer the sentence and the higher the fines. Federal prosecutors can even use the intended loss of the embezzlement crime as the value for sentencing purposes. Federal courts also frequently order restitution as part of a sentence, which requires a convicted defendant to reimburse the victim or victims of their crimes.

Don't face federal charges alone – schedule a confidential consultation with Agre & St. John's skilled defense team to understand your options and build a robust defense strategy.

The Federal Embezzlement Defense Attorneys of Agre & St. John Will Protect Your Rights in the Criminal Justice System

Federal embezzlement charges can carry significant penalties, especially since sentencing ranges are based on the value of the money or property involved in the crime and federal prosecutors usually only get involved in high-dollar value embezzlement offenses. You deserve experienced legal representation that can sift through the evidence and prepare an effective case strategy for you. Turn to the New Jersey embezzlement lawyers at Agre & St. John who can help you by:

  • Investigating the charges against you and securing all relevant evidence in your case to find potentially useful or exculpatory facts
  • Identifying available defense and case strategies
  • Explaining the details of the charges against you, including potential outcomes to a prosecution, and preparing you for each stage of the criminal justice process
  • Answering your questions and providing honest legal advice to empower you to make informed decisions for your best interests
  • Contesting the government’s case at every step, including by moving to exclude improper or unlawfully obtained evidence or moving to reduce or dismiss your charges for lack of evidence
  • Pursuing a favorable outcome for you, whether by negotiating a fair plea agreement if appropriate, or fighting your charges at trial if you choose to contest the case against you

After being arrested and charged with embezzlement at the federal level, turn to the federal embezzlement defense attorneys of Agre & St. John for aggressive legal advocacy to help you avoid the most serious consequences of a conviction. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how our legal team can assist you as you face federal embezzlement charges.

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