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Camden County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Camden County Criminal Defense AttorneysCamden County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Camden County, NJ Fight For Favorable Outcomes in Criminal Proceedings for Clients in Camden, Cherry Hill, Gloucester Township, Winslow Township, and Throughout South Jersey

If you were arrested or have been charged with any kind of crime, you are strongly encouraged to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Camden County criminal defense attorneys at Agre & St. John have a reputation for successful outcomes and reliable courtroom representation for criminal cases of all kinds, from disorderly persons offenses to violent crimes and indictable offenses. Our commitment to our clients and our ability to secure positive outcomes for our clients while protecting their rights, reputations, and freedom are your best bets for beating the charges you face, so call our criminal lawyers in Camden County, NJ today for assistance with your case.

Don't face criminal charges alone – contact Agre & St. John today for experienced legal representation that will fight to protect your rights.

Cases Handled by the Dedicated Criminal Lawyers in Camden County, NJ

Our respected team of Camden County criminal defense attorneys handles a wide range of crimes and charges, including:

  • Camden County Drug Crimes
  • Camden County Weapons Offenses
  • Camden County Domestic Violence Charges
  • Camden County Violent Crimes
  • Camden County Federal Crimes
  • Camden County Assault Charges
  • Camden County Juvenile Crimes
  • Camden County College Crimes
  • Camden County White-Collar Crimes
  • Camden County Sex Crimes
  • Camden County Child Pornography Charges
  • Camden County Probation Violations
  • Camden County Diversionary Programs and Pre-Trial Intervention

We can also help with reinstating suspended licenses, clearing criminal records (expungements), Megan’s Law removal, and more. Beating criminal charges requires a comprehensive understanding of the thousands of rules, laws, and definitions of New Jersey’s criminal code, and we are your go-to legal team for securing a positive outcome in your criminal case. Call our criminal lawyers in Camden, NJ today to learn more about how we can help.

Areas Served in Camden County, NJ

At Agre & St. John, our commitment to delivering reliable and thorough criminal defense services extends across Camden County, New Jersey. We are well-equipped to provide top-tier legal assistance to clients in numerous communities throughout the county, offering our profound understanding of the legal system and dedication to upholding our clients' rights.

Here are the areas in Camden County where we extend our legal services:

  • Audubon and Audubon Park: Our services extend to these twin communities, where we strive to protect the rights of our clients.
  • Barrington, Bellmawr, and Berlin: Our commitment to providing high-quality legal representation reaches these vibrant communities.
  • Berlin Township and Brooklawn: We offer dedicated legal support to individuals in these areas.
  • Camden: In the county seat itself, we provide robust and comprehensive legal services.
  • Cherry Hill and Chesilhurst: Our team offers its extensive legal expertise to these communities.
  • Clementon and Collingswood: In these dynamic towns, we strive to uphold the rights of our clients.
  • Gibbsboro and Gloucester City: We are dedicated to providing strong legal support to individuals in these areas.
  • Gloucester, Haddon, and Winslow Township: Our services extend to these expansive townships, delivering dedicated legal support.
  • Haddonfield and Haddon Heights: We're proud to serve these historic communities with our comprehensive legal services.
  • Hi-Nella and Laurel Springs: Our expert legal support is available to individuals in these quaint boroughs.
  • Lawnside and Lindenwold: We continue to provide robust legal assistance to clients in these dynamic areas.
  • Magnolia and Merchantville: Our commitment to defending our clients' rights extends to these communities.
  • Mount Ephraim and Oaklyn: We offer experienced legal representation in these boroughs.
  • Pennsauken Township: We provide comprehensive legal services to residents in this bustling township.
  • Pine Hill and Pine Valley: Our legal team is readily available to assist individuals in these boroughs.
  • Runnemede, Somerdale, and Stratford: Our legal services extend to these vibrant communities, ensuring accessible justice for all.
  • Tavistock and Voorhees Township: Our team is proud to offer legal assistance in these communities.
  • Waterford and Winslow Township: Our team provides dependable and thorough legal support in these expansive townships.
  • Woodlynne: In this smallest borough, we continue to deliver robust legal support.

No matter where you are in Camden County, the team at Agre & St. John is prepared to help you navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. We understand the profound implications a criminal charge can have on your life, and we strive to provide the strongest defense possible. Contact us today for the guidance and support you need during these challenging times.

How Our Camden County Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight for You

Title 2C of the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice codifies the rules, laws, and definitions of a wide range of crimes, from murder and kidnapping to criminal restraint, arson, property crimes of all kinds, white-collar crimes of all kinds, domestic violence, and more.

The penalties and punishments for crimes of different types in New Jersey are not to be taken lightly. Depending on the seriousness of your charges and your criminal history, you can face anything from fines, a loss of privileges, probation, and community service to life behind bars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines if convicted. These sentences are in addition to the social, interpersonal, and professional hurdles that a conviction will place on you, along with serious financial instability at home and the inability to get your life back on track.

Even with lower-level crimes such as disorderly persons offenses, a criminal record can lead to a lifetime of challenges and obstacles, limited job prospects, the inability to secure housing or loans, and exclusion from a wide range of government services and benefits.

Our criminal lawyers in Camden County, NJ have decades of courtroom experience. We handle criminal cases of all kinds and can help you by:

  • Ensuring you understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Helping you understand the charges you face
  • Walking you through what you need to know and what you need to do as your case progresses through the justice system
  • Gathering evidence to acquit you
  • Swiftly moving to have you removed from detention or from being locked up at the lowest possible bail amount
  • Challenging the claims of the prosecution
  • Uncovering any illegally obtained evidence
  • Proving that your rights were violated in some way during, for example, a traffic stop
  • Arguing for lower charges or sentences to be handed out

Take control of your defense – schedule a confidential consultation with Agre & St. John's experienced criminal defense team to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

Depending on the type of crime you were charged with, there are many defensive strategies that we can adopt to challenge the prosecution’s case. For example, when it comes to drugs and weapons charges, the nature and amount of illegal controlled substances and/or weapons in question are central determinants of the charges you face and the applicable penalties. If we can prove you did not have control or possession of such substances or objects or that the substances were mistakenly identified or did not meet the legal requirement for prosecution (such as if a legal substance was accidentally identified as an illegal one or there was not enough of it to warrant an arrest or charges) then we can use these facts to argue your case.

Similarly, when it comes to domestic violence cases, sex crimes, and white-collar crimes, we can work to discredit eyewitness testimony, prove that the required evidentiary requirements have not been met as per the applicable legal threshold, or that other facts have come into play, such as false accusations by an ex or your inadvertent implication in a financial crime via unreliable paper trails or online evidence.

Our Camden County criminal defense attorneys will analyze every aspect of your case, and we will look for police errors and will aggressively cross-examine eyewitnesses. We will also use our extensive understanding of the laws that govern the charges you face to establish reasonable doubts about your guilt. If such doubts can be proven, or if we can prove your innocence in other ways, such as via an alibi, then we will move to have your charges altogether dismissed.

Crime in Camden County, NJ

Camden County has one of the highest crime rates in America. The likelihood of being a victim of violent or property crime in Camden is about 1 in 28, and within New Jersey, Camden has a higher crime rate than 97% of all other communities. Protect yourself and your loved ones whenever you are involved in criminal proceedings of any kind by contacting our respected criminal lawyers in Camden County, NJ today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense in Camden County, NJ

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