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Atlantic County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Atlantic County Criminal Defense AttorneysAtlantic County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our Trustworthy Criminal Lawyers in Atlantic County, NJ Proficiently Handle Criminal Cases in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic City, Galloway Township, Pleasantville, and Throughout South Jersey

Were you arrested or charged with a crime in Atlantic County? Facing criminal charges of any kind can be a difficult ordeal. You may not know what to do, where to go, or whom you can confide in. In particular, if there is reason to believe that you may be convicted or face punishment, protecting your rights and freedom and ensuring that you are fairly treated by the criminal justice system is that much more important. To do this, you should speak with an experienced legal representative who can defend you. For assistance with your criminal defense case, contact the knowledgeable Atlantic County criminal defense attorneys at Agre & St. John today.

Don't face criminal charges alone – contact Agre & St. John today for experienced legal representation that will fight to protect your rights.

Highly Rated Atlantic County Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle Cases and Crimes of All Types

Our resilient team of legal professionals has decades of experience handling cases of all kinds at every level of the New Jersey criminal justice system. We handle minor crimes, serious charges, violent crimes, and crimes at both the federal and state levels. Our criminal lawyers in Atlantic County, NJ can guide and assist you with criminal cases and charges such as:

  • Atlantic County DUI / DWI Offenses
  • Atlantic County Trespassing
  • Atlantic County Property Crimes
  • Atlantic County College Crimes
  • Atlantic County Theft, Robbery, and Burglary Charges
  • Atlantic County Disorderly Conduct Offenses
  • Atlantic County Juvenile Crimes
  • Atlantic County Resisting Arrest Charges
  • Atlantic County Hit-and-Run Charges
  • Atlantic County White-Collar Crimes
  • Atlantic County Drug Crimes
  • Atlantic County Gun-Related Crimes
  • Atlantic County Sex Crimes
  • Atlantic County Child Pornography Charges
  • Atlantic County Assault and Domestic Violence Charges
  • Atlantic County Violent Crimes, such as murder, manslaughter, and arson

In addition to the above, we can help you understand probation and parole violations, as required by the New Jersey Judiciary, and we can help you expunge your criminal record if you qualify. Contact our criminal lawyers in Atlantic County, NJ to learn more.

Areas Served in Atlantic County, NJ

As dedicated criminal defense attorneys, Agre & St. John have a longstanding commitment to serving the diverse needs of our clients across Atlantic County, New Jersey. Our aim is to provide robust, compassionate legal assistance to individuals embroiled in the criminal justice system, regardless of the complexities of their case.

We proudly extend our legal services across the length and breadth of Atlantic County, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Absecon: Known for its rich history and vibrant community, we provide full-fledged legal support in this inviting city.
  • Atlantic City: Our services are equally effective and comprehensive in the heart of Atlantic County - Atlantic City.
  • Brigantine: As an established firm, we also reach out to the citizens of the tranquil city of Brigantine.
  • Buena and Buena Vista Township: We are committed to serving these charming communities with high-quality criminal defense services.
  • Corbin City: In Corbin City, we continue to support individuals through their legal challenges.
  • Egg Harbor Township and Egg Harbor City: We serve both of these locations with our experienced criminal defense services.
  • Estell Manor: Our commitment to fairness and justice extends to the residents of Estell Manor as well.
  • Folsom: We are ready to lend our legal expertise to the hardworking community of Folsom.
  • Galloway and Hamilton Township: Our comprehensive legal services are available in both these townships.
  • Hammonton: In the "Blueberry Capital of the World," we provide top-tier legal support.
  • Linwood, Longport, and Northfield: These vibrant communities can also count on our dedication and expertise in the field.
  • Margate City: We proudly serve Margate City with our thorough criminal defense services.
  • Mullica Township: In this historic township, we continue to uphold the rights of our clients.
  • Pleasantville: Our commitment to providing excellent legal services extends to the diverse community of Pleasantville.
  • Port Republic: We are dedicated to serving the smallest city in the state with the highest level of legal defense.
  • Somers Point: We provide compassionate and rigorous legal services in the city of Somers Point.
  • Ventnor City: Our services are readily available to the seaside city of Ventnor.
  • Weymouth Township: In Weymouth Township, we offer our extensive experience and determined representation.

Regardless of your location in Atlantic County, Agre & St. John's criminal defense team is committed to working tirelessly to defend your rights and ensure that justice is served. It's our mission to help you navigate the criminal justice system with confidence and dignity. Reach out to us today and let us help you through these challenging times.

How We Will Preserve Your Rights and Protect Your Future

If you are convicted of a crime in New Jersey, you can face serious jail time, substantial fines, and additional losses and penalties such as losing the right to vote or own a firearm and registration as a sex offender if you were convicted of certain sex-related offenses. Not only do these penalties constitute a very high price to pay for being convicted of illegal activity, but they can also make it difficult for you to find a job, secure a loan, rent a home, and even travel or enroll at school because your criminal record will be publicly accessible (unless you have it expunged). Even if you are eventually acquitted of all charges, your initial arrest and various proceedings can still show up on a basic background check.

Our highly skilled, dedicated, and resilient Atlantic County criminal defense attorneys will defend you against the charges you face and we will walk you through everything you need to know about protecting your rights against the charges you face within the context of the various laws and statutes that apply to your case. When you work with our criminal lawyers in Atlantic County, NJ, you will receive experienced and reliable legal representation and we will:

  • Make sure that you understand the charges you face, what to expect as your case progresses through the courts, and how to confidently make sound decisions that safeguard your best interests;
  • Investigate the case and the charges you face so that we can build a strong and fact-based defense for you;
  • Make sure illegally obtained evidence is excluded from the proceedings and argue for lower sentencing and/or lower charges, if applicable;
  • Seek a dismissal, avoid a trial, and/or reach a quick determination for your charges if there is inadequate evidence to prosecute you or your constitutional rights were violated in some way;
  • Skillfully argue in your favor and represent you in court;
  • Handle every aspect of your case, from evidence collection and filing petitions to courtroom trials and assisting with sentencing.

Take control of your defense – schedule a confidential consultation with Agre & St. John's experienced criminal defense team to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

Contact Our Criminal Lawyers in Atlantic County, NJ for Assistance with Your Criminal Case

Our legal team is just a call away. Contact our Atlantic County criminal defense attorneys so that we can investigate your case and put together a sound legal strategy designed around the case facts to dismiss or at least lower the charges and/or sentences and punishments you face. If you are convicted, the trajectory of your life will be forever changed. Facing charges without a conviction can be life-changing as well. Do not leave anything to chance and contact our criminal lawyers in Atlantic County, NJ today so that we can help you overcome the obstacles you face and preserve your rights and well-being. Call now for a free initial case evaluation.

Crime in Atlantic County, NJ

The overall crime rate in Atlantic County, NJ is slightly higher than the US average. Atlantic County falls in the 40th percentile in terms of safety, with an average crime incidence rate of about 27 per 1,000 residents per year. Depending on where you are, the crime rate can be as high as 1 in 17 (particularly in the eastern neighborhoods), or as low as 1 in 91 (especially in the southwest part of the county). Contact our criminal defense lawyers in Atlantic County, NJ today to learn more about our criminal defense strategies and services and how we can defend you in your criminal case.

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