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30 years to life in prison – this is the sentencing range for homicide in New Jersey. The chances of parole if a jury finds you guilty are little to nonexistent. The course of your case will determine the course of your life.

At Agre & St. John, we are uniquely positioned to assist in complex and high-stakes criminal defense. Our attorneys’ decades of experience, meticulous legal analysis and tenacious defense of your rights is an invaluable resource for you moving forward. Our office is ready to take your call at 856-422-8364.

Understanding The Evidence

Many homicide investigations will never have a “smoking gun” but still, result in a conviction. This is because homicide relies on two types of evidence to demonstrate guilt: physical and circumstantial. Physical evidence includes things like fingerprints or DNA evidence, a weapon and evidence of your presence at the scene. Circumstantial evidence includes testimony about where you may or may not have been, whether you have a motive or other nonphysical evidence. The prosecutors will use any evidence they have to build a case against you.

Your defense is a matter of both countering physical evidence the prosecutor submits to the court and disputing the image of you that they present to the jury. Our attorneys build your defense on their depth of knowledge and experience. We draw on a vast professional network of former investigators, forensic professionals, medical doctors and more on your behalf. We take the time to craft a detailed defense that both demonstrates the weaknesses in the evidence against you and that shows who you are as a person.

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