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Assault. Homicide. Domestic violence. Any one of these crimes is a stain on your criminal record that can leave you in jail, without resources and with damaged personal relationships. Fighting your charges will be tough, but with appropriate advocacy and strength of conviction, it is possible.

At Agre & St. John, our attorneys are among South Jersey’s best; they have the depth of knowledge, attention to detail, personal care and ethical standing you need to make it through the criminal system with your future and your dignity intact. Send us an email today to speak with our team.

It Is About More Than Jail Time

Recovering after release can mean years of battling the stigma associated with a violent crime conviction and difficulty accessing even basic public assistance. It means time away from your loved ones, years of lost income, ineligibility for educational scholarships and disqualifications for work. Our team has decades of experience representing South Jersey in cases of:

At our practice, you have the advantages of experience, resources and professionalism. Our law firm is among the leading South Jersey law firms and offers a cohesive team with the skill you need to dispute your charges.

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