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The Juvenile Justice System Can Change Your Child

Juvenile crimes are sealed after a child turns 18, but the social and emotional impact of time in the legal system or juvenile detention can scar a child. In the worst cases, the prosecutors charge a child as an adult, and even the protections a juvenile normally has are gone – all because of a mistake or error in judgment.

At Agre & St. John, our attorneys are compassionate and experienced. Our goal in juvenile defense is to support your family through the juvenile justice system while also meeting your emotional needs. Your child should not need to pay for a youthful mistake with their future. Call us at 856-422-8364 or send us an email to get the help you need.

What Parents Should Know About The Juvenile Justice System

It is critical that you know what to expect and how the legal system will approach your family and child. Here are some things you should be aware of:

  • Parents may be present for any questioning or conversations with their child. Children are also entitled to an attorney.
  • Juvenile offenders are not eligible for bail.
  • The court may detain your child overnight as the court evaluates your child’s safety, the alleged crime and any past criminal history.
  • Juvenile allegations and convictions can lead to Department of Children and Family Services intervention.

The positive news is this: because the justice system focuses on rehabilitating children rather than detaining them, there may be more options to keep them out of the justice system than you think.

Keep Your Child’s Future Out Of The Courts’ Hands

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