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Federal crimes typically involve a federal statute or a federal agency such as the FBI, ATF, DEA, IRS, USPS, etc. Attaining competent, proven and dedicated defense is critical. At Agre & St. John in South Jersey, we are dedicated to strong, effective criminal defense when you are facing serious federal charges.

Why Federal Crimes Are Different

Both state and federal criminal charges are serious and can have serious and life-long negative consequences. Federal crimes typically involve longer and harsher sentences. This is because the laws (statutes) that they fall under dictate these sentencing guidelines. This means the prosecution has less leeway to negotiate plea bargains and judges cannot veer from the guidelines when sentencing. It is also not uncommon to see additional punishments in federal court.

As experienced defense attorneys, we offer a cogent and compelling defense. We are detail-oriented because in these cases the details make the difference. We are strategic, creative problem-solvers who seek the most favorable outcome for you while preparing for every feasible scenario.

Types Of Charges And Cases We Take

There are many different types of criminal charges that fall under federal auspices. As seasoned, professional defense attorneys, we are prepared for virtually any federal charge. The most common cases we take include:

Obtaining skilled and reliable criminal defense as soon as possible helps to mitigate the chances of self incrimination or loss of rights.  Understanding your rights and then taking action to protect those rights is crucial when facing federal charges. Your best chance for success begins with vigorous defense counsel.

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