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Experienced Drug Possession And Distribution Defense

Drug charges can come with life-altering consequences. From lengthy prison sentences to a serious criminal record, individuals convicted of this crime will struggle in the wake of it. And, upon release, many will struggle with the public perception and social consequences like ostracization from family and friends, inability to work and other issues.

At Agre & St. John, we take your future and your case seriously and develop a strategy that serves you in the long term. Our attorneys have decades of combined criminal defense experience serving South Jersey residents in their most difficult moments. Call us today so we can start your case: 856-422-8364.

There Are Limits To The Prosecution’s Power

State prosecutors want to present all evidence that demonstrates your role in the alleged crime. This may include:

  • Testimony from an arresting officer and other police employees
  • The drugs found in your possession
  • Text messages or phone calls that insinuate an intent to sell the drugs
  • Other physical or circumstantial evidence

What they cannot do is simply say they believe you intended to sell or distribute drugs. Each piece of evidence is subject to a rigorous interrogation, during which our team calls into question the legitimacy of their claims and often excludes evidence from consideration before the court. This makes a difference in case outcomes.

Work With Attorneys Who Are There For Every Step

There are many phases to a case. We intervene as soon as possible, often avoiding any trial to begin with. After trial, we stand with you. Many cases end with a sentencing hearing or even go to appeal. In these instances, we work to reduce sentences and overturn or limit the impact of your case.

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