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Teachers Accused Of A Crime

Defending Teachers Falsely Accused Of A Crime

When a teacher has been falsely accused of a crime, it can have a severe, lasting impact on their career, family and the ability to seek employment elsewhere. Allegations that are sexual in nature are particularly stigmatizing. The media tends to paint a negative picture of the accused, which can be impossible to overcome when it involves the testimony of a child. If you have been accused of this type of crime, contact a South Jersey criminal lawyer as soon as possible in order to develop an aggressive defense strategy.

Child abuse laws were created to protect children from people who prey on their innocence and their trust. It is crucial that these laws exist in order to keep children safe. At the same time, adults who have been wrongfully accused of a crime also need protection. Our justice system is set up to help vindicate those who have been accused of a crime they did not commit.

False Accusations Of Child Abuse

Unfortunately, false accusations of child abuse do occur. Sometimes it can be the result of a misunderstanding, wherein a child simply misinterprets an adult’s actions or does not accurately describe the events due to a lack of maturity and understanding. A South Jersey teacher defense lawyer can develop a comprehensive legal strategy that will prove your innocence.

Take Action To Protect Your Rights

If you have been accused of a crime against a student, it is crucial that you avoid answering any questions until you have consulted with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A simple statement, which to you may sound completely innocuous, can be misinterpreted or misconstrued to sound like an admission of guilt. The way in which you initially respond to an accusation can have a permanent impact on the situation and your professional reputation. Even if the allegations are nothing more than a rumor, it is always in your best interest to have an experienced attorney on your side.

South Jersey Teacher Defense Lawyers At Agre & St. John Protect The Rights Of Teachers Who Have Been Accused Of A Crime

Cases wherein a teacher has been accused of a crime – particularly one that is sexual in nature – can be tricky because of the stigma associated with simply being accused. A South Jersey teacher defense lawyer at Agre & St. John knows how to successfully navigate cases like this. We work tirelessly to protect accused teachers by building a strong defense that will defend their reputation as committed educators and preserve their freedom.

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