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A Domestic Violence Charge Can Separate A Person From Their Loved Ones

When issues in the home or family escalate, they can quickly get out of hand. If the police become involved, then what may have been a manageable internal dispute can turn to a serious legal matter. Moreover, some people will leverage a domestic violence incident to seriously impede your rights.

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What Makes Domestic Assault And Abuse Charges So Serious

When the police make a domestic violence arrest, it is often done in the heat of the moment, with no regard for what the root issues were, who caused the fight or even what happened. The resulting trial can be very he-said-she-said. This can be especially frustrating because the consequences of a conviction are very serious and include:

  • Jail time
  • Mandatory anger management treatment and community service
  • Loss of parental rights or access to your children
  • Restrictions on your ability to own or possess firearms
  • Disqualification for public assistance

Someone else’s petty accusation or a mutual dispute can radically alter the course of your life. This is a moment where you need a strong professional advocate.

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