Can I be Removed from the Megan’s Law Internet Registry?

Enacted in 1994 by the State of New Jersey, Megan’s Law is a group of statutes that mandates public disclosure of information pertaining to sex offenders. These laws were ratified on the federal level two years later, allowing states to let the public know when there are sex offenders in their communities. Part of this includes another statute that requires foreign governments to be informed when American citizens who are registered as sex offenders enter their countries. A person who[…] Read More

Megan’s Law Update

A conviction for a sex offense in the State of New Jersey generally carries with it the requirement of Megan’s Law and parole supervision for life.  Under some, but not all circumstances, an individual may move to terminate his or her registration requirements under Megan’s Law, as well as parole supervision for life if that person has remained offense-free for a period of 15 years following his or her conviction or release from imprisonment. In order to terminate Megan’s Law[…] Read More

Legal Defenses in Sexual Assault Cases

All forms of rape count as sexual assault, but not all sexual assault crimes count as rape. Even though state laws vary, all states view sexual assault crimes as crimes that involve sexual activity with no clear consent. The legal defense used in a sexual assault case may revolve around the issue of consent. However, other defenses have been used successfully as well. How Does New Jersey Define Sexual Assault? If there is any form of sexual contact or coercion[…] Read More

Sex Offender Misled by Police

A recent state Supreme Court ruling raises important questions about the tactics law enforcement officers use to secure a confession.  In 2011, police officers pulled over an individual suspected of numerous sexual assaults. During questioning, officers led him to believe that, if he confessed, he would get a more lenient sentence that included counseling instead of incarceration. Upon confessing, he was then named in a 12-count indictment and incarcerated. His took his case all the way to the state Supreme[…] Read More

Philadelphia Police Officer Accused of Sexual Assault

A police officer in South Philadelphia was recently charged with sexually assaulting a woman with whom he took on a date. The officer, who works in Philadelphia’s 17th Precinct, is being held in jail with bail set at $1 million. He is currently suspended with intent to dismiss while the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office builds their case. The officer met the woman when he visited her workplace while on duty early in the summer. On August 8, several weeks after[…] Read More

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