Can I be Responsible for Drugs That are Not Mine?

Under constructive possession, an individual can be responsible for drugs that were not in their possession if they still had knowledge of and access to them. The specific charges depends on the drug that the person possessed. If an individual is aware of a location of a controlled substance, than that might be enough for them to be charged because it is essentially admitting control over a substance. If an individual is just a passenger in the car with drugs[…] Read More

What Crimes Frequently Happen During the Holidays?

The holiday season is a time of peace and joy; however, it is also a time when crime rates increase. While some people are busy shopping for their loved ones, others are looking to take advantage of the situation. According to Allstate Insurance Company, crime rates tend to rise in November and December. There are steps that people can take to prevent being victimized by a crime. There are also steps that others should take to prevent from falling into[…] Read More

Understanding the Juvenile Justice System

The transition from child to adult is never easy. Teenagers are honing good judgement through experience. They tend to test limits, try different things, and struggle to manage emotions and behavior while going through significant changes. It is not surprising that many teenagers get into legal trouble. Unfortunately, bad judgement resulting in criminal activity can have long-lasting negative impacts. Someone with a criminal record may have difficulty in pursuing certain careers and securing credit. The following are some common juvenile[…] Read More

Drug Possession While Committing a Traffic Violation

Drug charges are serious allegations that often have severe consequences. Federal and state laws address several drug offenses that involve the illegal possession, trafficking, manufacture, or sale of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or medications like Oxycontin and Xanax that are commonly available by prescription. Among drug-related charges, drug possession is a less severe charge that is usually enforced by state officials as opposed to federal administrators. In New jersey, the law prohibits the operation[…] Read More

DUI with Marijuana

Despite Governor Phil Murphy’s efforts, it does not appear recreational marijuana will receive legislative approval this year. However, as more states legalize recreational cannabis, the issue of driving under the influence (DUI) of marijuana will increase. In New Jersey, the penalties for a DUI are the same whether the driver was under the influence of marijuana or alcohol. Marijuana versus Alcohol A DUI involving marijuana differs from an alcohol DUI charge. Breathalyzer tests can measure the amount of alcohol in[…] Read More

South Jersey Criminal Lawyers: Drug Court

In New Jersey, substance abusing adults who have been charged with non-violent, indictable offenses have an alternative to a sentence of incarceration or traditional probation: Drug Court.  The Superior Court of New Jersey Drug Court program is designed to help treat the addictions of substance-abusing defendants through treatment programs, rehabilitation, and intensive probation supervision.  The goal of Drug Court is to reduce drug use and recidivism while offenders are in the program and to provide the tools substance abusers need[…] Read More

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