Is it Possible for My Criminal Case to Get Dismissed?

When someone is charged with a criminal offense, they may think about whether or not the charge could be dismissed. A dismissal can happen, but only under certain circumstances. It is important to note that there is a difference between charges being dismissed and charges being dropped. To be dismissed, the charge must have already been filed. A charge can actually be dropped before or after they were filed. What are My Legal Rights in a Criminal Case? People who[…] Read More

Can I be Criminally Charged for a Road Rage Incident?

Although there is no direct road rage charge in New Jersey, there are other chargeable crimes that may arise from a road rage incident. There is also a state statute that increases penalties for aggressive drivers whose road rage causes injuries to others. Therefore, although one may not be criminally charged for road rage, one may be charged with other crimes stemming from a road rage incident. A driver may also face jail time and fines if someone was injured[…] Read More

What are Possible Defenses for a Weapons Charge?

A weapons charge is often entangled with other criminal offenses, but even when the charge stands alone, the outcome can be extremely damaging. A good defense against a weapons charge is a strong case that establishes doubt on the prosecution’s evidence. An effective defense attorney takes into account all factors of the case, including how the charges came to be and how the evidence will be presented in court. Like all good criminal defense strategies, a successful defense considers all[…] Read More

What is Aggravated Assault?

When people read through police blotters online or in print form, they may notice mentions of aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is a type of assault that carries specific penalties based on state law. How is Aggravated Assault Defined? Aggravated assault involves the act of either physically touching or attempting to physically touch someone else in order to commit violence. This type of assault is an elevated form of simple assault, which is an assault charge with lesser consequences. According to[…] Read More

Megan’s Law Update

A conviction for a sex offense in the State of New Jersey generally carries with it the requirement of Megan’s Law and parole supervision for life.  Under some, but not all circumstances, an individual may move to terminate his or her registration requirements under Megan’s Law, as well as parole supervision for life if that person has remained offense-free for a period of 15 years following his or her conviction or release from imprisonment. In order to terminate Megan’s Law[…] Read More

Drug Court

For individuals who are interested in entering a county drug court program, the New Jersey Appellate Court recently decided in State v. Figueroa that a person sentenced to a term of probation may apply for admission into the drug court program. The court further decided that certain convictions, which had previously blocked an individual’s admission into the drug court program, no longer block an applicant’s acceptance into the drug court program. For example, and this is not an exclusive list,[…] Read More

How to Fight a Disorderly Conduct Charge

A disorderly conduct charge is designed to preserve the peace and harmony of a community. When large crowds gather in public places, are intoxicated, and create disturbances with loud obnoxious behaviors, municipalities resort to the charge of disorderly conduct after arresting individuals to preserve the peace. A disorderly order charge covers a wide range of behaviors; it is defined in vague and general terms. Police officers have wide discretion when arresting someone based on this charge. When one is faced with a disorderly[…] Read More

How do I Clear my Criminal Record?

Making a mistake and receiving a criminal charge can completely change your life, and the life of your family and friends. A criminal charge can lead to expensive fines, potential jail time, the inability to vote, or the loss of your license among other things. Clearing your record is the best option for someone who needs to start a clean slate. What Are Expungement Laws? Expungement laws are helpful to those who would like to erase, seal, or limit public[…] Read More

Legal Defenses in Sexual Assault Cases

All forms of rape count as sexual assault, but not all sexual assault crimes count as rape. Even though state laws vary, all states view sexual assault crimes as crimes that involve sexual activity with no clear consent. The legal defense used in a sexual assault case may revolve around the issue of consent. However, other defenses have been used successfully as well. How Does New Jersey Define Sexual Assault? If there is any form of sexual contact or coercion[…] Read More

Domestic Violence Defense During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the times of the coronavirus crisis, domestic violence accusations have increased due to the quarantine laws that have been put in place. The surge in reported cases mainly comes from women with violent and abusive partners. Despite the amount of cases that have been reported, there are many people who face false criminal charges, such as domestic abuse allegations. An accusation like this can ruin someone’s life and place them in severe legal trouble. Possible Defenses When an experienced[…] Read More

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