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What should you do when accused of a white-collar crime?

Despite being non-violent, white-collar crimes are considered serious and can lead to significant legal consequences. Anyone can be accused of this crime, but it's mainly reported in businesses -- with once-trusted employees often named as culprits. If your employer accuses you of any white-collar crime or you are linked to one by the authorities by virtue of your occupation, here are some tips:

1. Stay calm

It can be tempting to burst out of anger when accused of a crime at work. However, while you may be trying to fight for your rights, this may disadvantage you. Your feelings should not get in the way, as you may say or do something that can incriminate you. It will be best to stay calm and go home if asked. You don't want to do anything that could later draw your character into question.

2. Start gathering documents.

Solid evidence is crucial in defending a white-collar crime. Start putting together whatever documentation you may have that may pertain to the allegation. This could be anything from emails from your supervisor to text messages with the company's owner. Keep everything, and try to put it in some form of order.

3. Avoid contacting your colleagues

When you go home, investigations will begin in the office. You should let the respective team handle them. Contacting coworkers or meeting them outside work to discuss your case may work against you. They may be interviewed by the authorities and -- if they are -- nothing you say to them will remain confidential. White-collar crimes are serious – you may pay hefty fines or face extended jail terms. If you are accused of this crime, you should obtain adequate information about your defense options.

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