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What are the Different Types of Cybercrimes?

Over the years, cybercrimes have grown and developed to the point where there are global networks of hackers that target financial institutions and individuals. Hacking has also risen to the level of international aggression as certain nations will use hacking to disrupt their enemies.

A cybercrime is defined as any crime where a computer is the target of the act or is the tool used in the commitment of the crime. Many will use their computer to illegally gain access to a financial institution or government entity to gain access to money, personal information, or important documents. Some of the more common types of cybercrimes are identity theft, phishing or malware, and cyberbullying

What are the Dangers of Identity Theft?

Identity theft is the byproduct of a few different cybercrimes. Hackers attempt to use different techniques to gain access to personal information, like their name and Social Security card. They will then use that information to cause all sorts of problems for a person.

They can use the information to easily drain a person’s bank account or max out their credit card, leaving them with an enormous bill and a legal fight over the charges. Some will use the victim’s credit information to make large purchases, like a car or to sign up for a cellphone. They can use the stolen information to commit insurance fraud or apply for government benefits or even steal benefits, such as unemployment.

What are Malware and Phishing Scams?

Both scams are techniques used by hackers to gain access to someone else’s computer to steal personal information. In phishing scams, hackers will use email or malicious websites to gain access to a person’s computer. A victim could receive a questionable email or click on a link on a unreputable site, which could open a computer up to a hacker. In some instances, a hacker will gain access to a friend’s address book, so an email might come from a trusted source, but the danger is still real.

One of the most popular forms of cybercrime is malware or malicious software. Trojan viruses, worms, and spyware and are the most popular tools used by hackers in phishing scams that lead to identity theft. Malware can impact a person’s computer in a variety of ways. It can be as innocuous as making the computer run sluggish or more dangerous, like recording keystrokes and internet history.

What Happens in a Cyberbullying Case?

Cyberbullying or cyberstalking involves harassing someone through online communication. Normally, the perpetrator knows the victim and is seeking revenge against them for something they might have done in real life. In most cases, the perpetrator will send a significant number of messages to a person, despite not receiving any type of positive feedback from the victim.

They will also engage the victim’s social media sites and use that as a tool to continue to send harassing messages to the victim or their friends. The goal of the cyberstalking is to intimidate or incite fear in the victim. If one is being falsely accused of a cybercrime, they should contact a lawyer who is familiar with criminal law.

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