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What Are my Options if I Have a Revoked or a Suspended License?

All states issue driver’s licenses. All states also use their powers to bestow or restrict driving privileges to penalize certain unlawful behaviors. Often, a driving offense results in a driver’s license being revoked or suspended. Other times, a driver’s license can be affected by a legal issue that is not connected to driving, such as owing a substantial amount of child support.

It makes sense for the authorities to use their licensing powers to keep unfit drivers off the roads, such as impaired drivers and those who participate in aggressive and reckless driving. Other offenses include drivers with no proven way to pay damages in the event that they cause accidents, which usually means driving without insurance.

What Are Restricted Licenses?

Sometimes, a driver with a suspended license may apply for a restricted license, which will allow driving privileges under certain conditions. Occupational restricted licenses permit drivers to be on the roads at specific times of the day, on specific days of the week, and to specific areas. These restricted privileges allow them to go to work or school, attend religious or community services, or take part in other specified activities.

Drivers who have DUI/DWI chargesmay apply for ignition interlock restricted licenses. This involves the use of a car ignition interlock device that can detect alcohol on the driver’s breath. The device is hooked up to the car’s ignition and will not allow the car to start if alcohol is detected.

When Can I Resume Driving?

Suspended-license penalties are imposed for a specified amount of time. In many states, once the time period for the suspension has ended, the driver may resume regular driving privileges. In other states, the court or the motor vehicle authority must officially approve the reinstatement. Sometimes, that reinstatement comes with conditions.

For revoked licenses, there is also a specified time period for the penalty to remain in effect. At the end of that time frame, the driver must apply for a new license. As with some suspended license reinstatements, the re-application process may come with certain requirements.

In addition to satisfying any jail time or fines that may have accompanied the license revocation or suspension, reinstatement may require the following conditions:

  • Drug or alcohol treatment
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Proof of financial responsibility
  • Payment of child support
  • Payment of a reinstatement fee

Can I Challenge a Rule or a Condition?

A driver who demands a reinstatement on the basis of a legal issue with the original ruling or the reinstatement conditions must challenge the decision through official channels. The courts are much more likely to side with the diver’s objection if he or she petitions appropriately. If the driver ignores the original ruling and drives in spite of the license suspension or revocation, the courts will be less likely to side with the driver’s original objections.

Moreover, it is beneficial to seek legal counsel if you have concerns about your revoked or suspended license. A knowledgeable lawyer will evaluate your case and explain your options.

Cherry Hill Traffic Violation Lawyers at Agre & St. John Help Clients with Revoked or Suspended Licenses

Driving is an essential part of life. Without the ability to drive, you may have no way to earn a living or pursue an education. If your license has been suspended or revoked, our Cherry Hill traffic violation lawyers at Agre & St. John can help you get your driving privileges reinstated and your life back on track. Contact us online or call us at 856-428-7797 for an initial consultation. Located in Haddonfield, New Jersey, we represent clients throughout South Jersey, including Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, and Salem County.

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