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Should I Hire a Lawyer Before Formal Charges are Filed?

It is never too early to hire a lawyer when facing arrest or detention by the police. A criminal defense lawyer can prevent formal charges from being leveled, protect one from violations of their constitutional rights, prevent witnesses and evidence tampering, and negotiate alternative sentencing. Attempting to defend oneself without consulting a lawyer can result in devastating consequences that may be hard to reverse.

Even if one is unable to speak to an attorney while being detained or accused, it is important to seek consultation as soon as possible thereafter. Attorneys can provide assistance at any stage in the process.

How can a Lawyer Help?

Formal charges can cause great distress and severely impact one’s life. Fighting criminal charges can cost one’s freedom, cause emotional trauma, job loss, and create a criminal record. Even though the government may appoint a public defender to assist in the legal process, they may be severely overburdened with a heavy caseload and may not be able to devote the time and attention needed for defense of the case.

An attorney can have the criminal charges dismissed before formal charges are brought. They can also ensure that the rights of the accused are not violated. They can mediate on their behalf and negotiate for their rights so that jail time is prevented. A lawyer can also help their client seek bail.

Building a Strong Defense

An attorney is more rational and can provide legal arguments on the defendant’s behalf. When facing arrest, one may not be able to think clearly, preventing one from formulating a legal strategy and defense that can produce favorable outcomes. An experienced lawyer can leverage their experience to provide a solid defense.

Police and prosecutors often pressure those arrested into providing incriminating information and obtaining confessions. The accused may not be able to recollect what occurred or inadvertently implicate themselves. An attorney can prevent such mishaps. Once a lawyer is retained, the accused does not have to talk directly to the police and prosecutors, preventing them from incriminating statements and confessions.

Can a Lawyer Negotiate on My Behalf?

An attorney can also negotiate and plea bargain on the accused’s behalf to reduce their sentence. Negotiations with prosecutors can reduce jail time and the payment of fines, allowing one to minimize disruptions and return to normalcy. A lawyer can also conduct thorough investigations, interview witnesses, and examine the scene of the crime to ascertain evidence and develop a legal defense that they can utilize.

Some may assume that retaining an attorney indicates admission of guilt or further complicates their case, but this is untrue. It is crucial that one seeks the advice from a lawyer when faced with charges related to assault and battery, drug and alcohol offenses, sex crimes, and other serious charges. Criminal charges can cause devastating life-long consequences that can be avoided or minimized through proper legal representation.

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