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How to explain a charge to your child

Facing a charge can affect your relationships, especially with your kid(s). While some parents can keep their charges private sooner, at times, it can be hard to do so, for instance, if it happens when the kids are old enough or if they saw the arrest.So, how can you explain a charge to your child? Here are four tips to employ:

Tell them sooner

If you are facing a charge, you should tell your kids before they hear it from someone else. This way, you can tell them your side of the story. When they hear the story from someone else, you may be painted in a negative way, which can affect your relationship.Nonetheless, you should be honest, but let them know an arrest/charge does not mean you did something wrong. You should also inform them that you need to cooperate with the police while you defend yourself.

Use simple language

Using simple language and sticking to age-appropriate facts can help your kids understand what's happening without overwhelming them with information.

Choose the right time

You should schedule a time when there are no distractions to talk with your kids. This gives you enough time to explain the situation and answer follow-up questions.

Explain the consequences

It will be best to explain the potential consequences of the charge to your kids. For instance, let them know how long you expect the case to last, if/how often police officers and other visitors will come to the house or if you may need to move out and so on. This can prepare them for the process. Talking to your child about a charge can be devastating. The tips discussed above, and the appropriate legal guidance can make your situation more manageable.

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