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How Long Does the Expungement Process Take?

Getting a quick expungementis critical for people who are looking for a job, home, license, or looking to attend school. It is important to note that the expungement process can take some time before it is finished due to a variety of factors. When an individual files for an expungement in New Jersey, the process relies upon several variables, including:

  • Eligibility: New Jersey has various eligibility requirements that should be met before an individual petitions for an expungement. Regardless of whether you file your document accurately, the state will deny your appeal if you have not met the prerequisites.
  • Resistance: If the county’s lead prosecutor has any contentions against your expungement, they might disagree with your petition.
  • Mistakes: If you are making mistakes in the expungement process, you might have to restart.
  • Speed of the court: A variable that is out of your hands during the expungement documenting is the time it takes the court to file. Courts frequently deal with a high volume of cases, which can consume a lot of time. Likewise, law enforcement organizations should be advised as well.

The typical expungement process in state can have a timeline of eight to 12 months, but each case is different. The time might fluctuate depending on how long you take to complete the necessary paperwork. Blunders in filing can create significant delays.

What is the New Jersey Expungement Process?

The New Jersey expungement process will involve the following steps:

  • Obtaining a copy of your criminal record.
  • Drafting, notarizing, and filing the expungement petition.
  • Serving the filed expungement petition.
  • Attending appearances if necessary.
  • Serving the expungement order.

The process of expunging your record is complex. There is more to the process than documenting paperwork and knowing what information to write on your petition. A skilled lawyer can guide you when you are petitioning for an expungement.

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