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How Do I Get My Criminal Record Expunged?

If you have a criminal record, you may wonder how to get charges expunged. If you wish to undergo the expungement process, you should speak with an experienced lawyer. A lawyer can assemble your documents and prepare your petition to the court. After any waiting period is over, the lawyer will process all of your information. If there are particularities in your case, your lawyer can conduct any interviews and gather other information. The lawyer will assist in getting your criminal record in the form the court expects. Then, they will put the petition into order and submit the filing. This will require serving copies on agencies as needed. Some petitions require court appearances and a hearing, which the lawyer will attend and defend the petition and argue for expungement. Once a court expunges the criminal conviction, the general public and many law enforcement and governmental agencies can no longer see it when searching an individual’s criminal history. There are exceptions for particular situations. Once expunged, the person can deny the arrest and conviction for that crime and check a “no” box on applications for that one crime. It happened, but no one can see it on a criminal background check.

Which Crimes can be Expunged in New Jersey?

Records that can be expunged include criminal complaints, warrants, arrests, judicial commitments, fingerprints, arrest photos, criminal arrest processing records, and court dockets. Juvenile records have their own rules for expungement, where privacy of juvenile proceedings is the rule. Generally, five years after supervision ends, the record can be expunged. Only one crime can be expunged in an expungement petition to the court. Your petition has to be addressed to the Superior Court where you were convicted or arrested and arraigned. That court is usually one in the same. The one-crime rule does not apply to situations where expungement is done automatically by law. For example, a felony conviction is usually expunged after 10 years after the person has completed their sentence, which includes the time served and parole completed, and has led a crime-free life for that time.

South Jersey Expungement Lawyers at Agre & St. John can Help You With the Complicated Expungement Process

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