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Going back to college? Bypass study drugs!

College students often have to try to juggle their courseload with having a job and a social life. This can lead to some challenging days that include sleep deprivation. In a desperate attempt to stay awake to prepare for exams and finish projects, some students turn to prescription drugs. Dubbed study drugs, these prescription drugs aren’t written to the student. Instead, they buy them from other people who have prescriptions for them. This transfer of prescription drugs to a person to who they aren’t prescribed is illegal.

Why are study drugs dangerous?

Not only can using these drugs land you in the criminal justice system, but it can also cause you medical issues. Study drugs are stimulants that can cause you to have anxiety or feel jittery. They’re addicting and come with the risk of heart attacks and seizures. Some people report nausea, trouble concentrating and irritability when they take these. Interestingly, there’s no proof that study drugs help to enhance your studies. You can get better benefits by taking the time to focus on your studies. Schedule time to study and complete projects. Keep distractions at bay and make sure you get adequate sleep. Take advantage of on-campus study groups to help you improve your academic performance. Facing criminal charges for study drugs carries the same possible consequences as other drugs. Ensure you understand your options for a defense strategy. Working with someone familiar with these types of cases can help you learn what to do. Try to start planning your defense as quickly as possible after finding out about the charge.

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