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Blog: White Collar Crimes

  • Defending Against Fraud and Embezzlement Charges in New Jersey

    Jun 16, 2023

    Fraud and embezzlement are considered serious Understanding Fraud and Embezzlement To effectively defend against fraud and embezzlement charges, it's crucial first to understand what these offenses entail. Fraud Deceptive practices for personal or financial gain Misrepresentation or omission of facts The alleged victim relying on the misrepresentation and suffering harm as a result Embezzlement Misappropriation or misapplication of money or property entrusted to one's care Personal use or benefit derived from these assets withou...
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  • 3 Signs You’re Involved in a Ponzi Scheme

    Jun 7, 2023

    Charles Ponzi was a con man of the 1920s who was able to steal money from unsuspecting investors. Essentially, Ponzi planned to take money from investors with the promise of profiting several months later. Ponzi would then use the money from new investors (often people who knew someone who had already invested) to pay old investors while making a profit for himself. Ponzi’s plan was eventually uncovered and led to the coined term “ 1...
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  • What is identity theft?

    Feb 21, 2023

    A person's identity -- their name, address, date of birth, Social Security number -- is key to a lot of different things, and it can easily be misused when enough of that information is known to somebody else. That's identity theft. Many different circumstances can lead to an accusation of Even common circumstances can lead to identity theft claims Even seemingly innocent situations might lead to these claims. For example, if you claim t...
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  • Buying a home might lead to allegations of mortgage fraud

    Feb 16, 2023

    For many people, the term mortgage fraud inspires thoughts of financial industry insiders engaging in some kind of misconduct. For example, a broker might recommend that a client inflate their income or even alter certain paperwork before submitting it for underwriting consideration. The goal is often to assist as many people as possible with securing mortgages, even if applicants likely shouldn't qualify for one. Mortgage fraud committed on a for-profit basis often involves someone wh...
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  • What leads to bankruptcy fraud?

    Dec 16, 2022

    Many people take on debt when making large purchases, but debt can easily become overwhelming, and often not because someone was overspending. Some people, for example, lose their job, making it hard to meet payments, thus more debt builds up when deadlines are missed and interest builds up. Or, debt can be caused by unexpected medical expenses, leading to many people building up more debt than they could handle in one lifetime. As a result, man...
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  • Should you consider your legal options before arrest?

    Dec 15, 2022

    In many cases, people start looking into their legal options after they get arrested. This may be because they had no reason to worry until the event happened. Someone who gets pulled over for drunk driving on the way home from the bar didn’t have to think about that legal situation until it occurred. However, planning in advance is the best way to approach any legal situation that you may find yourself in. There ar...
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  • Were you charged with embezzlement?

    Oct 25, 2022

    Embezzlement is a type of theft; however, unlike other situations, it doesn’t involve weapons or threats. Instead, when you face embezzlement charges, you are accused of using your position of trust or an established relationship to commit a crime. Unfortunately, in New Jersey, Factors that lead to embezzlement Most people don’t go to work one day and decide to take as much as possible. While this isn’t an excuse, there is usually an external motivatio...
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  • Is downloading free college books legal?

    Sep 5, 2022

    Many college students end up purchasing textbooks for hundreds of dollars only to use most of them for only a semester or two. These same students are then only able to resell these books at a fraction of the price. It's no wonder, then, that many students are looking for other ways to cheaply acquire their books.Many students are finding it easier to acquire their textbooks online, in digital format – but just because student...
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  • 4 types of white collar crimes

    Aug 25, 2022

    People commit white collar crimes every day – many of which are done unintentionally. The best way to protect yourself from being charged with a white collar crime is to know what the most common areas are for problems.Here are some of the most common: 1. Bankruptcy fraud Bankruptcy is a great relief for many people who have accumulated a ton of debt. People have many options for bankruptcy – Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptc...
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  • Digital piracy isn’t a game

    May 31, 2022

    It seems like every year streaming services, like Hulu and Netflix, are adding more ads and raising their subscription costs. It is no wonder people are resorting to piracy and torrenting to make watching their favorite shows and movies a little easier. The problem with piracy is that, like in the days of old, it is dangerous and highly illegal. If piracy is so easy then why is it illegal? Here’s what you should know...
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