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Blog: Sex Crimes

  • What does Title IX have to do with sexual assault?

    Nov 7, 2022

    Many college students are returning for another year of schooling. After a long break from class, many students may need a refresher on their student code of conduct, specifically Title IX rules. College rules and policies are constantly changing and there may be new regulations to watch out for. Here’s what you should know: Every student must follow Title IX policies Students are required to read and follow any policies provided by their educational institution. On...
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  • Could you accidentally commit a crime if you get catfished?

    Apr 30, 2022

    Catfishing is essentially the process of lying about your identity online. The exact degree to which people carry this out varies from instance to instance. For example, there are some people who will use It is possible, depending on the lies that were told There are certainly ways in which getting catfished could put you into legal trouble. For instance, as noted above, people will sometimes lie about their age. Say that you mee...
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  • Should I Hire a Lawyer Before Formal Charges are Filed?

    Oct 23, 2020

    It is never too early to hire a lawyer when facing arrest or detention by the police. A Even if one is unable to speak to an attorney while being detained or accused, it is important to seek consultation as soon as possible thereafter. Attorneys can provide assistance at any stage in the process. How can a Lawyer Help? Formal charges can cause great distress and severely impact one’s life. Fighting criminal charges ca...
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  • Understanding the Juvenile Justice System

    Aug 24, 2020

    The transition from child to adult is never easy. Teenagers are honing good judgement through experience. They tend to test limits, try different things, and struggle to manage emotions and behavior while going through significant changes. It is not surprising that many teenagers get into legal trouble. Unfortunately, bad judgement resulting in criminal activity can have long-lasting negative impacts. Someone with a criminal record may have difficulty in pursuing certain careers and securing credit. Th...
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  • What Defenses Can be Used in Statutory Rape Cases?

    Jul 23, 2020

    It is against the law for an adult to have sex with a minor. This law still applies when the sex is consensual between both parties. It is assumed that minors are not capable of providing informed consent for sexual activities. The age of consent varies from state to state and can range from 14 years old to 18 years old. What is the Law in New Jersey? In New Jersey, it is Sexua...
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  • Consequences of Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

    May 6, 2020

    If you have been convicted of a sexual offense, such as sexual abuse or other related offenses, then you most likely are aware of the consequences and ramifications that have followed. In addition to your sentencing, you also will have to register as a sex offender in your jurisdiction. Evidently, a sex offender is one who has been convicted of a sexual offense, which is characterized as harming an individual in a sexual manner. Registratio...
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  • Types of Sex Crimes

    Jan 28, 2020

    There are various types of Solicitation and Prostitution Solicitation involves requesting or demanding another person to engage in criminal conduct, while planning to contribute to the crime. When linked to prostitution, someone is asked to have sex for money. Though laws vary by state, some require proof that the second person received the request. A subsequent crime does not need to be committed, and a defendant may be guilty even though the request wa...
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