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  • What Happens if You Violate Probation or Parole in New Jersey?

    Feb 21, 2022

    Probation and parole are two different privileges which allow offenders to avoid prison or jail time while serving their sentence. Violating any terms of probation or parole is very serious and could lead to additional punishments. Probation enables you to stay out of jail and serve a period of supervision with restrictions. Parole is granted after the offender has served a portion of their prison sentence. Whether you are indicted or convicted of a disorderl...
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  • Can I Get an Expungement for Multiple Convictions?

    Apr 21, 2021

    New Jersey allows those who receive multiple convictions the opportunity to erase them or What is Expungement? An expungement is the process of removing or destroying a criminal conviction from someone’s personal record and to seal it from the state or federal record. If granted, expungement does not mean forgiveness from a crime, it just means that the conviction is removed from the record. However, it is only the conviction that is removed an...
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  • What is a Probation Violation?

    Jan 15, 2020

    Judges in New Jersey are given the ability to grant probation for certain crimes. By sentencing someone to follow the rules and regulations of probation, judges can benefit the community and the accused. Nevertheless, probation is not something to be taken lightly, even though it helps people avoid time behind bars. Each probation agreement includes its own parameters. If someone on probation breaks any term, the probation will be considered violated, resulting in jail time...
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