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  • An expungement can help you deal with your criminal record

    Dec 21, 2022

    It may be years after you had a run-in with the law or did time, and you have since become a law-abiding citizen. However, the fact that you have a criminal past can prevent you from leading a fulfilling life. When your criminal history shows up in a background check, it may be hard to take advantage of some opportunities that come your way or make headway in some of your plans. Fortunately, your situatio...
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  • Can False Imprisonment Charges Be Expunged?

    Mar 28, 2022

    There are an estimated 70 to 100 million Americans living outside of prisons with criminal records, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. Criminal records present a constant barrier to employment, housing, and banking applications, often nixing the applicant from a list of acceptable candidates. While being arrested for a criminal offense may remain on a person’s record, the case may have been dismissed, or the trial failed to result in a conviction. With th...
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  • Can a Felony Be Expunged?

    Feb 14, 2022

    A felony can be Four years from completing their sentence for a felony, including payment of fines and probation completion. Three years after completing their sentence for a misdemeanor. What Are the Differences Between Standard and Early Expungement? With a standard expungement, the petitioner does not need to prove that they deserve expungement. A judge will grant the petitioner’s request regardless of other considerations as long as it is after the required waiting tim...
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  • What Is the Intoxicated Driving Program?

    Jan 31, 2022

    The New Jersey Your Time in the IDRC Depends Upon the Offense For first-offense DUI convictions, you will have to spend at least six hours each day on two consecutive days in your county’s IDRC, participating in various programs. For your second DUI, if you are not sentenced to jail or in-patient treatment, you will have to spend 48 hours at a regional IDRC facility. If you are sentenced to a 48-hour IDRC program, yo...
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  • Can My Marijuana Conviction Be Expunged?

    Jan 24, 2022

    There are hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents who were arrested on marijuana charges over the past two decades. Since New Jersey voters decided to legalize recreational marijuana in 2021, there are many people who may be wondering if their marijuana conviction could be Possession or sales of less than 1 ounce of marijuana. Possession of drug paraphernalia. Failing to turn over marijuana. Possessing marijuana while in a vehicle. Ultimately, expungement clears ...
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  • What Are Disorderly Persons Offenses?

    Jan 4, 2022

    The state designates lower level crimes as disorderly persons offenses. While the charge is not on par with the severity of a felony, a conviction can still carry harsh penalties, such as jail time and heavy fines. A disorderly persons offense means that you can be tried without facing a jury. If you are indicted, you must first be tried after a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is a prima facie case to answe...
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  • What Is Early Expungement?

    Dec 13, 2021

    In New Jersey, Is There a Difference Between Standard and Early Expungement? With standard expungement, a judge will grant the petitioner’s request regardless of other considerations, as long as it is after the required waiting time of five years. With an early expungement, the court has discretion in granting the expungement. The petitioner must prove that they meet the necessary time required for early expungement. They must also prove that they deserve it b...
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  • What Crimes Cannot Be Expunged in New Jersey?

    Nov 29, 2021

    Having a criminal conviction Criminal homicide. Kidnapping Luring or enticing human trafficking. Aggravated sexual assault Aggravated criminal sexual contact. Criminal restraint or false imprisonment. Robbery Arson Endangering the welfare of a child. Selling or manufacturing child pornography. Perjury Terrorism Even though the above convictions are not expungable, you may have other convictions that can be expunged. For this reason, you should speak to a lawyer if you are thinking about going through with th...
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  • How Can You Recover From a DUI Charge?

    Nov 9, 2021

    Being arrested and charged with Let Go of What You Cannot Control Focus on what you can control, and do not worry about what you cannot control. Worrying is a waste of mental energy that can cause frustration and unnecessary anxiety. Focus on controlling your own actions and how you respond to the situation. Speak to a Therapist You should consider speaking to a therapist if you are having a hard time dealing wit...
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  • How Does Juvenile Court Differ From Adult Court?

    Oct 15, 2021

    If your child has been charged with a crime, it is extremely important that you get them proper legal representation. You need someone who has vast experience with criminal law and the New Jersey juvenile court system. There are big differences between the adult and juvenile criminal court system. You have to understand those differences because they may have a significant impact on your child’s future. Different Terms are Used Juvenile court uses different term...
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