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Blog: Drug Offenses

  • Going back to college? Bypass study drugs!

    Jan 3, 2023

    College students often have to try to juggle their courseload with having a job and a social life. This can lead to some challenging days that include sleep deprivation. In a desperate attempt to stay awake to prepare for exams and finish projects, some students turn to prescription drugs. Dubbed Why are study drugs dangerous? Not only can using these drugs land you in the criminal justice system, but it can also cause yo...
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  • Adolescent addiction can lead to serious charges

    May 31, 2022

    Teens don’t always understand the risks of their actions because they are still growing and learning. They may start consuming alcohol and drugs to fit in with their peers. They may even start abusing substances to get away from their emotions. Adolescent addiction can lead to criminal charges and jail time. You may want to know what leads to adolescent addiction and how it can affect your teen. Knowing how a teen can become addicted ca...
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  • Can I be Responsible for Drugs That are Not Mine?

    Jul 26, 2021

    Under If an individual is just a passenger in the car with drugs in the vehicle, then this is where the charges fall into the hands of the wrong person at the wrong time. Since there is a person in the vehicle when the police search it, the officer has someone to charge for the drug possession, despite the fact that the drugs are not physically on that person. It is important to kno...
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  • South Jersey Criminal Lawyers: Drug Court

    Apr 25, 2016

    In A defendant interested in participating in Drug Court would apply for the program shortly after the inception of his or her case in the Superior Court. The assistant prosecutor assigned to Drug Court would review the defendant’s criminal history and current offenses to determine whether the defendant is legally eligible to participate in the program; generally, defendants accused or previously convicted of a violent offense will be excluded from consideration. After the Stat...
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