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Can I Get an Expungement for Multiple Convictions?

New Jersey allows those who receive multiple convictions the opportunity to erase them or expunge them from their permanent record. The process is complicated as some convictions are eligible and others are not. A person may be able to get multiple convictions expunged, but it depends on several factors. The best way to know for sure is to reach out to an experienced lawyer who can consult with a person and go over their record to determine if they are eligible for multiple expungements.

What is Expungement?

An expungement is the process of removing or destroying a criminal conviction from someone’s personal record and to seal it from the state or federal record. If granted, expungement does not mean forgiveness from a crime, it just means that the conviction is removed from the record. However, it is only the conviction that is removed and not any supporting documents that led to the conviction. For instance, the records of the arrest will remain as well as the details in a police blotter, along with any news reports of the incident.

Expungements can take place at the state and federal level, although federal law is extremely strict when it comes to expungements. The states are more lenient in general, but qualifications vary. New Jersey is one of the more lenient states when it comes to expungement.

How can I Get Multiple Expungements in New Jersey?

While New Jersey is lenient when it comes to expungement, it is also one of the most complicated. There is a certain combination of convictions that are eligible for expungement while there are others that are not. To clarify the situation, those combinations that are not eligible include those with two or more felony convictions, and those with four or more misdemeanor convictions.

The ones that are most likely to be eligible are those with charges that are relatively minor. A person will be eligible if they have only been convicted of municipal ordinance violations. They are also eligible if they have been convicted of two or fewer misdemeanors and at least one municipal ordinance violation.

It can get even more convoluted when it comes to other convictions since only some might be eligible. There are combinations that will prohibit a person from expunging all their convictions. These situations include:

  • If a person has one felony conviction, they might be able to expunge the felony, two of the misdemeanors, or municipal ordinance convictions.
  • If a person has three misdemeanor convictions, they can expunge them but not any municipal ordinance violations.

There are no limits to the number of expungement petitions a person can file. The only restriction is filing a petition against those convictions that are statutorily prohibited from being expunged. A court will take into consideration any previous expungements when considering the most recent request.

What is the Expungement Process?

When a person is looking to have a conviction expunged, they should hire a lawyer who can help them navigate the process and ensure that they fill out the proper forms. The first step is to prepare a petition along with other documents and submit them to the superior court in the county where the arrest or conviction took place.

For those looking to expunge multiple records, they can request to file them all in one court. If they wish to expunge disorderly persons records, they must petition the various courts where those took place. A judge will assign a hearing date. If the judge approves the expungement, they will issue an expungement order to the petitioner who will then send it to all the relevant government parties. They will remove the record, and the person will receive a confirmation letter form the state police. The entire process takes about six months. For help with the expungement process, it is necessary to contact a lawyer.

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