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Avoid Drinking and Driving on Blackout Wednesday

People look forward to Thanksgiving for many reasons, such as turkey, stuffing, family time, and sleeping in late. One event that many young adults look forward to is Blackout Wednesday, which is one of the biggest nights of the year for drinking.

Blackout Wednesday is a dangerous tradition and became popular when bars started promoting binge drinking during events and parties. Blackout Wednesday has become a popular night among younger crowds. Even when the bars try to discourage drunk driving or binge drinking, there is no guarantee that their patrons will not head to other establishments for drinks.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)agrees that excessive drinking can be extreme on Blackout Wednesday. The NHTSA urges everyone to focus more on enjoying quality family time instead of participating in dangerous behaviors. The NHTSA advises everyone to avoid driving under the influence (DUI) on Blackout Wednesday.

Thanksgiving is one of the deadliest holidays of the year because of car accidents. Consuming a small amount of alcohol can impair driving. If a person drinks at all during a night out, they should avoid driving.

Can I Fight a Drunk Driving Charge?

If one wishes to fight a DUI/DWI charge, they should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The prosecution has to prove that the defendant was impaired or had an illegal amount of drugs or alcohol in their body while they were operating a motor vehicle. A lawyer can help disprove this. State DUI laws vary, but there are some defenses that can be employed, depending on the circumstances.

A law enforcement officer needs probable cause in order to stop a vehicle and to arrest a driver for DUI. An officer must have had reason to believe that someone in the car was breaking the law, and any traffic violation could qualify. Otherwise, the evidence could end up being inadmissible in court. Probable cause for a DUI arrest can result from a breathalyzer test and an officer’s observations. Police officers are also required to read suspects their Miranda Rights before they are questioned in police custody. If this did not happen, the suspect could use this in their defense.

Other Possible Defenses

It is possible that a driver was not intoxicated at all. There could be other explanations for the driver’s actions, such as a disability or car problems. If there is a witnesses who can attest to any of this, they may be able to provide testimony.

Some drivers may choose to challenge the breathalyzer results. To do this, the accused would need to show that there was a flaw in the test that made the results unreliable. This would probably require testimony from an expert witness.

Should I Hire a Lawyer After I am Charged with Drunk Driving?

One may be unsure what to do after being accused of drunk driving. A DUI/DWI charge is a serious offense. To avoid or lessen the charge, the accused should contact a lawyer right away. A lawyer will evaluate the case to determine the best possible defense.

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