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Potential reasons young people break the law 

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When young people are facing criminal allegations, parents often feel shocked. They never saw any signs that their child would consider breaking the law, and they may have thought their child would never do it.

Often, there are outside factors at play that the parents simply didn’t realize. Below are a few potential reasons why juvenile offenders may find themselves in this position.

Peer pressure

First of all, always remember that teenagers and other young adults are quite susceptible to peer pressure. They may want to impress their friends or improve their standing in a social group, and they may break the law in order to do that.

Lack of understanding

In some cases, young people, simply don’t think through the ramifications of their actions. They may have known that they weren’t supposed to do something, but they thought of it more like breaking a rule at school and not as a legal infraction that could go on their permanent record.

A perceived necessity

Finally, some young people will commit crimes because they don’t believe they have any other way to accomplish their goals. For example, many people who are accused of shoplifting at a young age will say that they didn’t have the money to buy the items that they wanted, or that their parents wouldn’t let them, so they thought the only way to get those items was to steal them.

What comes next for parents? 

If your child has been arrested, you may certainly be very concerned for their future. It’s important to know what legal defense options you have to protect that future.