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Don’t try these things to avoid a DUI charge

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | DUI

Are you planning on going out to drink with friends? If you notice one of your friends is attempting to drive after a few drinks, then you should stop them. Drinking and driving can result in a DUI charge

However, your friend may be convinced that there’s a simple trick to avoid a DUI charge. Simply stated, there’s only one thing that can prevent a DUI charge and that’s not driving drunk. As their friend, you should inform them otherwise. Here’s what you should know:

Don’t drink coffee before driving

It’s commonly believed that coffee can negate the effects of alcohol. This is because coffee makes you more alert, however, it doesn’t remove alcohol in your body. Alcohol can still be tested and found in your body even if you drank coffee. By drinking coffee and alcohol, you may only be more erratic while driving.

Don’t use mouthwash to hide the smell of alcohol

During a traffic stop, police may smell alcohol on someone’s breath. In anticipation, you may try to use mouthwash to hide the smell. While that might work, it won’t hide the alcohol content in your blood during a breath test. In fact, mouthwash may raise your blood alcohol content, increasing your chances of getting a DUI charge.

Don’t assume driving carefully will prevent a DUI

One attempt at driving home safely after drinking is driving slowly. While you may be safe and prevent an accident, that doesn’t mean you won’t end up in one because of another driver’s actions. When the police arrive, they may find that you’ve been drinking and, as a result, you may end up with a DUI charge – even if the other driver is responsible for your accident.

If your friend is determined to drive, despite drinking, then you may need to help them out by reaching out for legal help.