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Should you consider your legal options before arrest?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

In many cases, people start looking into their legal options after they get arrested. This may be because they had no reason to worry until the event happened. Someone who gets pulled over for drunk driving on the way home from the bar didn’t have to think about that legal situation until it occurred.

However, planning in advance is the best way to approach any legal situation that you may find yourself in. There are times when it can be wise to do this with your criminal defense options. You may have not been arrested yet, but you can see the writing on the wall and beginning to consider your legal options can give you a better chance to address this properly.

White-collar crimes

For instance, this often happens with white-collar crimes. Maybe you have been accused of misappropriating or embezzling funds from the business that you work for. Your manager claims to have found altered accounting documents showing that you transferred money out of company funds and diverted it to your own bank account.

That said, all they’ve done so far is to fire you from your position. You know that they are gathering evidence and you expect them to contact the authorities, but it hasn’t happened yet. This may give you some time to plan in advance.

How does this help?

Planning in advance just helps you consider all of your options so that you know what steps you can take. A lot of people are facing criminal accusations for the first time. They have no idea how the process works and will make mistakes. But if you talk to an experienced team in advance, you can avoid these critical mistakes and keep from making the situation worse for yourself.

Additionally, it can help to think about the potential future charges to limit what you may say in public statements or on social media – where posts can be used as evidence. Generally speaking, you don’t want to address these accusations at all, and you certainly want to avoid saying or posting anything that may incriminate you.

From the very first moment that you fear legal repercussions may be on the way, it’s crucial to know about all the options you have.