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3 ways drunk driving charges could affect someone’s licenses

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | DUI

Accusations of driving while under the influence of alcohol could lead to prosecution. Drivers who plead guilty or are convicted of impaired driving will face numerous consequences. Jail time, probation, community service and fines are all possible penalties after a criminal conviction.

Additionally, there could consequences for the driving privileges of those recently convicted of a drunk driving offense. What are three ways a drunk driving charge could affect someone’s license?

They will lose their personal driver’s license

It is common for impaired driving offenses to result in the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license. The specific situation at the time of someone’s arrest and their previous driving record will determine how long they may lose their license following a conviction.

They will lose eligibility for a commercial driver’s license

An impaired driving conviction that happens while working will obviously affect someone’s commercial license. Further, an arrest that occurs while someone is in their own vehicle can also lead to the loss of their commercial driver’s license (CDL). There are both federal and state laws that impact someone’s eligibility for a CDL after a drunk driving conviction.

They could lose other professional licenses

There are numerous licensed professions with state boards that review someone’s professional credentials and criminal background whenever they apply for or renew their license. When the board that oversees a profession learns of someone’s conviction, they may rescind the license previously granted to that professional or refuse to renew their license.

The only sure way to avoid the licensing consequences of drunk driving accusations is to fight back against those charges in criminal court. Defending against drunk driving charges will require a careful and planned approach but can protect someone from the many possible consequences of a conviction.