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What is identity theft?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

Identity theft is something that’s always been around, but it’s becoming more and more common because of technology. There are many ways that a person can commit this crime. In the simplest terms, it means that someone pretended to be another person in order to enjoy some sort of gain. In most cases, the person whose identity is taken won’t know until they start to see strange entries on their credit report or if they’re alerted to another issue related to their identity.

Many cases of identity theft have to do with financial matters. For example, you commit identity theft if you use someone else’s personal information to obtain a credit card. But, this charge isn’t limited only to financial crimes. You can also face an accusation of identity theft for other reasons, including signing someone else’s name on a contract.

Identity theft can be a federal or state crime

A person can face identity theft charges in state courts or in federal court. The specifics of the case and which authority claims jurisdiction over the matter determine where the charge is filed. A person who’s facing this charge should ensure they’re using a defense that’s tailored to the court that’s hearing it. 

Identity theft charges should be taken seriously because they can have a profound impact on your future. Employers who perform background checks might consider a conviction on this charge to be serious enough that they won’t employ you. It’s imperative that you consider all your defense strategy options so you can choose the one that you feel is in your best interests. These cases are often complex, so be sure you work with someone who can assist you in developing your defense strategy.