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2 Things to Do If You Are Stopped for Drunk Driving

Let’s take care of the obvious: do not drink and drive. Don’t drink and drive because you do not want to get arrested, have your license suspended, pay fines or end up in jail. Most importantly, don’t drink and drive because doing so endangers your life as well as other road users.

If you are stopped for a drunk driving investigation, it is important to understand that your defense begins right away. What you do during the DUI stop can greatly impact the outcome of your case. Remember, the police cannot stop you without probable cause. So if you are stopped, it is in your best interest that you know what to do and the missteps to avoid.

Here are two things you need to do following a DUI stop:

Pull over to safety

Law enforcement’s observations begin long before they can turn on the siren and the flashlights on you. If it is clear that the police are signaling you to stop, be sure to slow down and stop the vehicle at a safe location. An erratic or sudden stop can strengthen the police’s case against you.

Likewise, speeding off can complicate matters for you. In fact, the attempt to evade the police can lead to additional charges.

Remain calm and in control of yourself

Law enforcement officers take their safety seriously. This explains why they always approach from the rear of the vehicle. If the police signal you to stop, do just that and roll down your window. Do not get out of the car, reach out for anything, including your driver’s license or act in panic.

Additionally, place both hands where the police can clearly see them as they approach. The last thing you want is to appear uneasy and give the police the impression that you could be reaching for something – like your weapon.

Most people have misconceptions regarding what to do when they get pulled over for DUI. Knowing your legal options and obligations can help you protect your rights during and after a DUI stop.

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