Domestic Violence Defense During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the times of the coronavirus crisis, domestic violence accusations have increased due to the quarantine laws that have been put in place. The surge in reported cases mainly comes from women with violent and abusive partners.

Despite the amount of cases that have been reported, there are many people who face false criminal charges, such as domestic abuse allegations. An accusation like this can ruin someone’s life and place them in severe legal trouble.

Possible Defenses

When an experienced criminal law attorney signs onto your case, the first thing he or she will do is read the police report and then formulate a defense. The main defenses against domestic violence include:

  • “I did not do it”
  • “He or she lied”
  • Self-defense
  • Accidental
  • Cannot be proven
  • “I did it, but it was because…”

Domestic abuse charges are taken very seriously, but there are ways to protect yourself against the accusations against you, including:

  • Abiding by a no-contact order: In domestic abuse cases, the court will require you to refrain from contacting the alleged abuse victim. As hard as it can be, avoid talking or visiting each other despite the urge to mend the problem. If there are no legal limitations from contact, try reaching out to the alleged victim to apologize. They are more likely to drop the charges against you if you show remorse.
  • Proving yourself not-guilty: When in the courtroom, prove that you acted out of self-defense or out of necessity to protect a child. If you acted out of self-defense, this means that you were concerned for your own safety and did what you had to do to get out of the situation. If you acted out of protection for another person, then it would not be considered a domestic abuse charge. Finally, if you can prove that you acted with legal justification on your side, then you cannot be found guilty of the crime.
  • Constitutional grounds defense: Another way that your case could get dismissed is if it is proven that the police officer did not read your rights before interrogating you or before conducting an illegal search.

Always Hire an Attorney

If you are facing domestic abuse charges, you need an aggressive defense attorney to help you in the courtroom. Attorneys who are specialized in domestic abuse have experience with these charges and are your best option to get out of this situation. Defense attorneys can reason and negotiate with the prosecutors to reduce or dismiss your charges. The trial lawyer you hire should maintain contact with you while you are in and out of the courtroom and should protect your rights at all costs.

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