New Jersey Institutes Ignition Lock for First Time DWI Offenses

Haddonfield DUI lawyers assist those charged of DUI and using the ignition lock.By the beginning of 2020, drivers in New Jersey found guilty for the first time of driving under the influence will face different penalties than they do today. Instead of having their licenses suspended for several months, offenders, in certain instances, may have much shorter suspensions or no suspension at all. Additionally, they will be expected to buy and install ignition interlock devices (IID) on any vehicles they own or operate. Many other states currently have similar laws surrounding IIDs, which are installed into the vehicle and designed to stop a person from driving after consuming alcohol.

In exchange for installing an IID individuals found guilty of DUI will, in certain instances, will not have their driving privileges suspended. This allows people who have been convicted of drunk driving to continue to be able to get to and from work, not to mention enjoy the freedom to drive where they want as long as they are not intoxicated.

How Ignition Interlock Devices Work

IIDs attach to the ignition and can render the vehicle inoperable. How? Each time they get behind the wheel, drivers blow deep breaths into the IID. If the driver has not been drinking, the vehicle starts. If the IID detects the presence of alcohol, it forces the driver to wait for a lockout period of several minutes before trying again.

IIDs are not free to those who have been convicted of driving while under the influence. Drivers will have to pay for the upfront costs for the device, which can be significant, followed by a monthly maintenance fee. Though some people wonder if the cost is too high, supporters of the legislation maintain that the price pales in comparison to losing a license for months.

Expectations of NJ Ignition Locks Mandate

The overarching goal of the new regulation is for drivers found guilty of DUI to be able to return to their normal lives with parameters and safeguards in place. Having the ability to keep their jobs and earn money for their households gives individuals the opportunity to move past their poor choices and learn from them without being unduly penalized. Across the country, advocates including Mothers Against Drunk Driving have encouraged all states to reform their drunk driving laws to include the use of IIDs, which the group says has continued to save lives.

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