South Jersey Criminal Lawyers: The Safe Campus Act

When an individual is accused of a crime in the United States, the Constitution mandates that the accused be given due process of law. In other words, the Constitution protects United States citizens from having important rights taken away from them by making sure the accused is first given a fair trial and an opportunity to be heard. However, when it comes to sexual assaults on college campuses, students accused of sexual assault oftentimes are punished by the university without being given full due process. A new bill before Congress, referred to as the Safe Campus Act, could change the way in which sexual assault allegations are handled on college campuses.

The Safe Campus Act would allow universities to act only if the victim of sexual assault reported the alleged crime to law enforcement officials. If the victim chooses not to alert law enforcement officials of the alleged crime, the university would not be able to investigate the incident or punish the accused. Both the accuser and the accused would be given the right to hire a lawyer and both sides could ask questions to witnesses of the incident. The accused would have the right to know what charges they are faced with and the evidence against them.

The Safe Campus Act is an attempt to make cases of sexual assault on college campuses just like any other criminal case. For the most part, universities have been left to deal with allegations of sexual assault all by themselves and without any help from law enforcement officials or professionals. The result has been that both the accuser and accused have oftentimes not been treated fairly or properly. Due to the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses and the media attention some incidents have gotten, sexual assault accusations at universities have been given a closer look by Congress and governmental officials across the United States.

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