South Jersey Criminal Lawyers: Do You Need a Lawyer to Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

When you are issued a traffic citation, there are two options: pay the fee or go to court to dispute the charges. Before you decide on either, make sure to weigh both choices. Paying the fine from the ticket appears to be the simple path; however, a ticket may have a longer lasting impact than one may realize. Receiving a ticket can cause your insurance rates to increase, and if you are a repeat offender, your license can be suspended.

Your second option is to go to court and fight the ticket. If you choose to fight the ticket, you need to decide if you are willing to go to court without the support of a qualified traffic violation lawyer. If you are facing a driving under the influence (DUI) charge, representation of an experienced South Jersey DUI lawyer will give you best possible chance for a positive outcome.

Different Ways a Traffic Violation Lawyer Can Help

A knowledgeable traffic violation lawyer in South Jersey will provide quality legal counsel regarding all of the options available to traffic violators. Lawyers with traffic court experience have extensive knowledge of the technicalities that often get traffic tickets dismissed and downgraded.

Considerations When Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

Do your research to make sure you have the right lawyer for your case. It is important to have a full understanding of the traffic violation charges you are facing. Moreover, hire an experienced South Jersey traffic violation lawyer who knows the jurisdiction and is familiar with the municipal court where the citation was issued. Traffic lawyers develop a rapport with the judges and prosecutors in the municipal and criminal courts within their local counties.

Once you decide on a South Jersey traffic lawyer do not agree to pay a large fee upfront or agree to reduced fee legal plans. Many reputable traffic lawyers in South Jersey offer free consultations. Be an active participant in your defense; no one is going to look out for your best interests more than you.

South Jersey Traffic Violations Lawyers at Agre & St. John have the Experience to Fight Traffic Citations

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